Although I use Photoshop Elements and therefore can't make anything really professional looking, I still love making banners, and I have made quite a few for friends and for myself. I like to switch my banners every two weeks or so, but I may decide to rotate them after a year has passed and I'm tired of making new banners. If you are looking for some new banners yourself and like what you see here, go ahead and request a banner. Just let me know what the dimensions are, how to contact you, and what anime to use (you can give me free reign, though, if you like).

NOTE: None of these images or fonts are mine; I just found these images on the web and stuck some fonts next to them and called it a banner. If you've seen any of my anime pictionary posts, you know for a fact that I can't draw for shit anyway. If you see your art on here, feel free to slap me and give me the link to your pixiv or deviantart. I will gladly attach it to any of these banners. 

Strawberry Milk


First half of July - not made by me; made by Marina
Second half of July

Riyoga's Ramblings

Anime Princess

Alchemic Artist
I forced my friend to make a blog, but she's only posted once, and she hasn't even put up the banners I've given her. Meh, whateva. She's still awesome. x3