About Me

I put off making this page for a really long time because I didn't really know what to say. It's pretty obvious that I'm an anime fan and blogger, so I figure that on my "About Me" page I should give you some random interesting facts about myself and my contact info. The contacts are located at the bottom of the page, so scroll past all the other crap if you're here specifically for the contacts.
This is kind of what I look like. The outfit is what I'm wearing now; old soccer shorts and a t-shirt depicting the periodic table of the elements. I have long naturally blondish brown hair that runs to my mid-back and gray/blue eyes. My neck is not that long, and I have no drawing skills whatsoever. Maybe I can get my artist friends to draw me some time...
Some facts about me:
  1. I go by Nadja in the aniblogosphere, but that's not my real name. Nadja is actually the name I picked up in my German class, and the reason I chose that name to put on my purple popsicle stick is because one of my favorite AMV editors is named Nadja, and she lives in Germany. God, I sound like a stalker, don't I? (If I meet you at an anime con, I'll tell you my real name)
  2. I really hate salad dressing. 
  3. I live in Ohio. 
  4. My favorite anime at the moment and probably for a long time is One Piece and Fullmetal Alchemist Bortherhood. I'll post a list of my favorite anime in ten years or so after I become an anime veteran. 
  5. Despite the mass overload of pink on this blog, my favorite color is actually blue.
  6. Before I became obsessed with anime, I was in love with My Chemical Romance, and long before that it was Littlest Pet Shops and Neopets.
  7. My favorite time of day is midnight. (that was rather contradictory, wasn't it? haha)
  8. The only live action shows that I have time to watch are Dexter, Arrested Development and Ghost Adevntures. 
  9. I fucking love peanut butter. 
  10. I love horror movies, though I tend to scream too much. xD
My history with anime is here.

If you have any questions about me or my blog, you can contact me at...
e-mail: milkis.1313@gmail.com or ghost.girl.13.13.13@gmail.com
youtube: milkis13 (the videos there are old and embarassing)
MAL: milkis13
Skype: just ask