Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Official Farewell

A couple days after my first day of high school, I posted an update. At the time, I still had faith that I would continue posting, albeit "few and far apart", but I didn't. And I apologize that it's taken me so long to explain why I've been gone and why I'm not coming back.

Although I didn't want to admit it, my interest in anime was waning in the summer of 2011, and this blog was meant to kickstart that love back into fullswing as it had been in years past. Then, in late August I started to write. My teacher gave me Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg, and this introduced me to a whole new kind of writing. There was no pressure, save the kind I imposed on myself. I started writing daily about anything that came to mind. It's very freeing to know that one can write about toasters or the water trembling in the glass or the pens resting in the jar, and no one will care. This writing completely changed my perception on life.

Not only did writing enter the picture, but literature was soon added. Reading Romeo and Juliet in October brought the realization that I could understand 15th century language if I challenged myself. From then on, I started reading Dostoevsky, Nabokov, Vonnegut, Plath, Orwell, Bronte, Fitzgerald, and Palahniuk. I was rediscovering an old passion that I had put on the backburner during my middle school years, and I no longer had time for anime. It felt more like an obligation.

So I allowed myself to forget about this blog, and for that I apologize. I knew mid-September that my passion for anime was gone. It was sudden and prompt and accepted with a fair share of nostalgia. I should've said something earlier. But it is what it is, and I'd like to thank the animeblogosphere for making my anime fandom just that much more fun. Specifically, thank you to lostty of Anime Princess, Baka-Raptor, Marina of Anime B&B, Kluxorious of conspicious klu[x], Yumeka of Anime Yume, du5k of One Minute of Dusk, and Riyoga of Riyoga's Ramblings. You guys were so funny, understanding, and all-around wonderful. Best of luck to everyone. :)

That seems like a natural stop to this post, but I feel like I owe you guys something more. So here's some stuff I've done from August 27, 2011-July 4, 2012:

-Parasailed for the first time
-Brother graduated high school :'(
-Became the Entertainment editor of the school newspaper
-Attempted NaNoWriMo and gave up around 7,000 words
-Saw Romeo and Juliet on stage; ran into Romeo in an alleyway afterwards
-Tried to hang postcards on my ceiling--it didn't work.
-Went to a Radiohead concert. Blew my mind.
-Ran ten miles
-Participated in a paint fight and was drenched in red
-Finished watching Prison Break. The ending was horrible.
-Started doing 750 Words (write 750 words everyday)--I'm on my 33rd day.
-Currently at Level 23 in Skyrim
-Won an iPad at school--that's what I'm typing on now.
-Went to my first high school dance. The music was horrid. The cookies were fantastic.
-Met Anne Lamott--author of Imperfect Birds, Hard Laughter, Bird by Bird, and several others.
-Saw Tosh live; laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.
-Learned how to play slapjack and became all-time study hall champion
-Memorized Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 (Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?) and performed it
-Went on a ghost hunt from midnight to three. Nothing really happened, except a bunch of flickering flashlights.

You can reach me at my Goodreads if you'd like to contact me/see what I'm reading.