Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's play Anime Pictionary! *Round 10*

Congrats to flomu for winning last round!
The answers to last round were:
1. Shanks (One Piece)
2. Meganepachi (Gintama)
3. Grimmjow (Bleach)

And now for this round's pictures:

Picture 1:
Picture 2:

Picture 3:
I think this one will be harder to guess. Not because he's not a well known character; he is, but because I'm terrible at drawing.
Oh, remember how I said I would time myself? I stopped doing that, like, 4 rounds ago. Otherwise, how would I be able to color in everyone's clothing without using the pain bucket? (I hate paint bucket)

This is kind of random and beside the point, but what if I took an anime opening and redid the whole thing in MS paint, like Gintama OP 8. Let me know if you think I should try it. :)

Good luck!

And let me know what dessert you want if you win.