Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Way to Find Anime

I was on My Anime List recently, looking at my "plan to watch" list and contemplating what anime to watch next when I realized something. All of the anime on the list is numbered. This means that I could pick a number randomly from my mind and find an anime to watch. However, since the anime is listed in alphabetical order and the human mind isn't totally random to begin with, it would be easy to cheat or pick the same number several times. I didn't want to leave the random choice to my unreliable human mind. I needed to find something that would randomly generate numbers. Where could I find something like that?

I just searched "random number generator" on google, and the first link fulfilled my expectations quite nicely. I know that I could've easily used a calculator as well, but I'm too lazy to go dig mine up from school and this was much easier anyway.

From here, you just put the corresponding numbers into the boxes. For example, I have 476 anime on my "plan to watch" list, so in the "Min." box, I'd put 1, and in the "Max." box, I'd put 476. The random number generator will then find a number between those two.

After inputting my minimum and maximum, I got the number 322. When I go back to my "plan to watch" list, I've found that Peach Girl is 322. I've found an anime to watch! Yay! Usually, though, I like to find a few more as back-ups in case I don't want to watch Peach Girl for some reason. I could be looking for a series that is shorter, longer, or a different genre.

366. Sengoku Basara 
418. Tegami Bachi
314. Otome Youkai Zakuro
301. Nyanpire the Animation

Then, I'd just choose from one of the anime above and hope to find entertainment. :)

I recommend this method of finding anime to anyone who wants to cut down their "plan to watch" list and/or is indecisive about what to watch.

This is how I ended up watching The Epic of ZektBach. I had planned on writing a review on it, but I've been much too lazy. It was just a whole bunch of terrible, anyway.

Other crap

  • I finished Breaking Dawn... I'm kinda going to miss reading about Edward and Bella. It was such a good love story... The ending was a bit too happy, but whatever. I'm a happy person. I had no idea that all the towns she talked about in the book were actually real; Forks and La Push even have websites! 
  • If you have any book/anime recommendations that has a romance story similar to the one found in the Twilight series (doesn't have to be about vampires; just good romance), please let me know. 
  • Should get my computer back soon! Woooooo!
  • I don't know why, but this post was completely deleted on my other computer. I had to retype the whole post over again. ;____; Sorry for the inconvenience. I bet you were wondering why I had a blank post floating around.