Monday, July 25, 2011

My History with Anime

I heard about Nopy's project a while back and I wanted to participate, but my perpetual laziness won out in the end, and it is only now that I've decided to actually write about my super interesting past with anime.

And so here it is.
awesome Kingdom Hearts wallpaper
In sixth grade, I became really good friends with a Korean girl who had been watching anime her whole life. She somehow convinced me to unearth my brother's old Play Station 2 and Kingdom Hearts - both abandoned years ago by my older brother who traded his clunky, old PS2 for a new, shiny xBox 360. The PS2 sat quietly under the TV, collecting dust in a dark forgotten corner until my friend got me to uncover it; she thought that I would really enjoy it. 

And so I tried it out and quickly became addicted. Almost every day for the first three months of sixth grade, I came home from school and played KH (I never did finish it, though haha). It's weird because waaaay before I got into it, I remember my older brother buying it when it first came out and playing it when he was in sixth grade as well. I remember going off to Girl Scout camp (YES, I WAS AND STILL AM A GIRL SCOUT) and begging him to beat Ansem when I got back because I wanted to watch him. But he beat it anyway. Little bastard.
fucking Traverse Town
 Excuse me while I become extremely nostalgic. I remember walking around Traverse Town for, like, eight or nine hours at the beginning of the game because my Korean friend (I'll refer to her as "Yuni" from now on... I'm still good friends with her btw) told me that I had to meet Leon in the "sewers". Now, if you have played Kingdom Hearts, you know that you don't meet up with Leon in the "sewers" until after you go to Alice and Wonderland. And so here I am, frantically running around Traverse Town, looking for Leon everywhere and thinking that I can't leave until I do. I spent so much time there that I literally know Traverse Town from top to bottom. I collected almost all the postcards and stacked huge crates on top of each other to reach secret nooks and crannies. I could probably tour the town in my sleep. Oh, and that stupid Moogle didn't help either. He kept giving me these stupid riddles that made no sense at all. AND DAT TRAVERSE TOWN MUSIC. OH GOD.

Anyway, I got really into it, and at the start of winter break of that year, she had me over for her older sister's birthday party. While her sister and friends played Apples to Apples downstairs, Yuni introduced Bleach to me. Yuni doesn't really like showing her interest in anime to any of her friends, but I think she figured that since I liked Kingdom Hearts, I may also enjoy Bleach as well.
Bleach Vol. 12: The Escape (episodes 46-49)
She was obsessed with Toshiro Hitsugaya at the time and bought one of the DVDs with him on the cover. It was episodes 46-49 (the actual DVD is here). She showed me those episodes, swooning over Hitsugaya and filling me in on everyone's back stories along the way. She spoiled a lot for me, but I didn't really mind. I couldn't tell if she didn't think I would really get into it and that's why she spoiled me, or if she was just really enthusiastic about it and wanted to tell someone about her new obsession.While watching those episodes, I decided that I would start from the beginning and work my way up. (one of the first comments I made was of the sakura falling. I asked Yuni if it was snow, and she told me they were sakura petals :3)

The next day, during a rather long and monotonous christmas party, I crept off to the computer room and watched Bleach on my archaic computer (this was before I had my laptop). I also remember eating a lot of cookies that night.

Anyway, for the second half of my sixth grade year, I watched Bleach on and off. I was very sporadic about it. Sometimes I wouldn't watch any for weeks, and then suddenly I would decide to throw in a grand marathon.

I soon became hopelessly in love with the show. I was one of the new anime fans who thought that the first anime they've watched is the best only because they haven't seen any else. I'm absolutely sure that I annoyed the hell out of Yuni with my endless Bleach bantering.
The many faces of Kurosaki Ichigo

It's weird being a new anime fan and not knowing what to watch next. After I caught up to Bleach in May, I couldn't find anything to watch (very different from now- when I have too much that I need to watch). Some of the anime that I found after that in roughly chronological order were: Onegai Teacher, Toradora! (while it was airing), Karin,  D. Gray Man, Blood+, Trinity Blood, Nana, Azumanga Daioh, and Ouran.

I forgot to mention that when I was a child, I also watched Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky on VHS (VHS!), but I didn't know it was anime, so I figured it didn't really count. I also remember watching Sailor Moon, but I only really watched about ten episodes.

I always thought these things were stupid but kluxorious totally deserves one.

Oh, and internet high five to kluxorious, whose first anime was also Bleach, and for some reason can't comment on my blog (that wasn't sarcasm; she literally can't comment... Like something's wrong with Intense Debate or something).