Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

My computer has been healed by my father, though he won't let me use it. Something about me being irresponsible and stuff. I think I have a better understanding of how we got the virus, and I'll try my best from now on to avoid those situations.

It's probably because the anime sites I use have pop-ups that jump out at you randomly, though I have specific settings on my firefox not to let such things happen. The only way to truly avoid such pop-ups I guess would be to watch anime on Crunchy Roll.

Ew. crunchy roll. It doesn't even deserve to be capitalized.

Anyway, I've been getting more in tune with my other hobbies that usually take the backseat to my anime watching passion. One of those hobbies that used to suck up every moment of my day before I found anime was reading. Seriously. I spent almost every waking minute of my existence with a book in hand. Even when running errands or getting toted along with my parents, I'd bring a book along with me in the car, intently devouring each story I came across. I had the highest number of minutes read in my entire fifth grade class. (Remember when you had to keep track of your reading? Most schools do that) Books spilled out of my overstuffed bookshelf, towers of novels were and still are precariously stacked among the anime DVDs in my room.

Eventually that love of reading gave way to a passion for story-telling. Sometimes I'd be so intent on a story I was creating in my mind that I would shush my parents whenever they tried to interrupt my thoughts, telling them exasperatedly, "I'm making a story!!"  I would talk to myself a lot, too. I vividly remember sitting in front of the old, yellowed refrigerator we used to have. Sitting on the cold kitchen tiles, scooting out of the way whenever my parents needed to grab something from inside, I would play with the magnets, sliding the colorful pieces over the magnetic surface, animatedly talking to myself. I did a lot of other crazy stuff, too. I never did have a legit imaginary friend, though I pretended I did.

I'm totally get off topic. Enough about my over-imaginative childhood.

The point is I used to read a lot, and after I became obsessed with anime, I found a lot less time to read. But since my computer broke, I've gone back to my reading habit, finally finishing Twilight, a book I had put off a long time ago.

At first, I kept picturing Edward as Robert Pattinson. Robert is handsome - I will admit to that - but  he doesn't really show the Edward in the book correctly. Before reading the books, I had already seen through the Eclipse movie, so I already know everything that happens, and I already had a firm grasp on who all the other characters were. Edward was cool, but I was convinced that Jacob was better off for Bella. That view totally switched around after I read through the first two books.

The problem with the movies is that they spare so many important details and descriptions. In the movie, Edward is portrayed as more cold and violent, barely showing his gentle, romantic side. Plus, they fall in love way too fast. The book takes a lot more time with the romance, steadily pushing Edward and Bella closer together until BAM they're deeply in love with eachother.

Also, in the movies, Bella is just some normal Mary-Sue. She's not interesting at all. Kristen Stewart made her lines come off awkwardly and made her seem totally inept at conversing intelligently. She's a lot more sociable and interesting in the books.

I just finished New Moon about an hour ago, and I really enjoyed it. I got pretty attached to Edward in the first book, so I was also upset to see him leave, though I already knew he would reappear. xD I thought she would quickly fall in love with Jacob, and I would absolutely hate Jacob for taking Edward's place in the time he was gone. But the author, Stephanie Meyer, did a great job of bringing Jacob and Bella closer together while still keeping the line between best friends and lovers quite distinct. She didn't rush it. Jacob developed much slower than I thought he would and Stephanie Meyer made it so I actually liked him. I'm sure Bella would've gotten into a romantic relationship if Edward hadn't returned, though I was happy that he had. :)

Okay, I know you're probably thinking, "Oh no! Nadja's got sucked into the abyss of fan-girling Twilight fans. I will never see her the same."

Well, please don't misunderstand. I do not own any Twilight t-shirts or paraphernalia. I do not obsess over Robert Patinnson or Taylor Lautner. It's just that the books are extremely romantic, and I can't help but fall in love with it. Yes, sometimes the romantics are taken over the top a little bit, especially in the later books, but it's still immensely entertaining.

I really do love a good romance, though.

Oh, and Twilight isn't the perfect book by any means. Stephanie Meyer paces her story well, but her writing is nothing extravagant. And Bella isn't the best protagonist, either. She can be whiny, annoying, selfish, and compared to all the ancient vamps around her, totally immature, but I'm easily entertained and I can't help but fall in love with the romantics.

 I know it's one of those books you either love or hate; you curse the author's lack of literary prowess or you swoon over the love story. For all the objective things I hate about it, I just can't stop reading. It's my guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I am going to start Eclipse. I guarantee it'll be finished in the next 24 hours.