Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leavin' On a Jet Plane (One Week Hiatus)

This is going to be short and sweet. (It has to be since I still need to pack :P)

I'm heading out with the family tomorrow on a trip to Seattle, Washington. We're actually staying in Blaine, which is as far north as you can possibly get without piercing Canada. Since I had just read the Twilight novels, I kind of wanted to go to Forks just to say I had been there and gloat about it to everyone, but it's a good four hour drive that isn't particularly met with enthusiasm on my parent's part. Eh, whatever. Town doesn't look all too interesting anyway. It's just really cool to see the cities or townships where a book was placed, assuming that place is real of course. I wonder if Stephanie Meyer actually went to Forks. Probably... Didn't I say I was going to make this short and sweet?

Anyway, I'll be in Seattle until the 23rd (?), so I'll have posts up sometime after that.

I was going to put pictures in here, but the computer I'm using doesn't have any anime related stuff on it (THANKS, MAC WHO WON'T PUBLISH POSTS).

But I did find this one thing, so in lieu of the Harry Potter movies and the midnight showing that I will not be attending (;____;), please enjoy this picture in my stead:
I'll be back soon! :)

(I still need to read all the Harry Potter books...)