Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekly Anime Review (June 19-25)

I decided to start a new segment in which I talk about the anime I watched that week among other things that I did that week... I'll also be doing a "Subscription Update" part where I talk about some of my favorite AMVs that were added in the past week. Other than blogging, following AMV editors on Youtube is one of my huge past times on the web. Oh, and this was supposed to be released yesterday or the day before, but I was busy and the internet was being fucked up again. Anyway, here's my anime watching for the week in review. :)

Anime watched
  • Nabari no Ou episodes 9-26 *finished*
  • Gintama episodes 108-148
  • Epic of ZektBach *finished*
*The reviews for the 2 finished shows should be up soon. :)

Total episodes watched: 60

Out of all of those episodes, there are some specific moments that I enjoyed in particular. One of those being the entire Yoshiwara arc of Gintama (eps 139-146). It was in this arc that we were finally introduced to the sick mofo Kamui. 
Just look at him. I mean GOD DAMN.
 I'd have to say that he's my favorite character of the week. He reminds me of Izaya from Durarara because both of them love to play both sides and mess with everyone simply because it makes things more interesting. They're so powerful that they can easily play both sides of the fence without getting burned too badly. I'm also wondering what exactly happened between him and Kagura so long ago. Considering I've still got about 60 episodes left before I'm all caught up, I'm hoping that there will be some explanation.

Other than the introduction of Kamui, the arc had some really epic action scenes. Specifically, the fight between Kagura and the guy with gray hair who has a name, but he's not important enough for me to actually remember it. Watching her go all batshit insane was incredibly awesome, and she looked so cool fighting with the kimono, bun, and heels. There are not many women who can defeat someone like him with heels on. I know I wouldn't be able to. xD
^Here's the footage of the fight. Sadly, I could only find an "AMV" version of it, but it still has subtitles, so you can understand what's going on. It actually really pisses me off that people even think that these videos are AMVs. They just took scenes from anime, were too lazy to even remove the subs, and added some simple transitions. There's basically no coordination between the footage and the music played. If anything, the music fits the theme of the footage, but the editor- if they even deserve that title- is too lazy to match the footage to the beat. Ugh. Just upload the fight itself with audio, will you?

The last battle of the arc between Gintoki and Hosen was also very entertaining, as most battles involving Gintoki are. I did find footage of the fight on Youtube, but it's an AMV and it has spanish subtitles. Go figure.
Actually, here's an AMV I randomly found that compiles footage from the entire arc. At least this one has some coordination with the music, though the video is kinda small. I love that they used a past Gintama opening, though. :)
God, that was just an amazing arc. All around awesome.

Other than that, I loved the second part of Gintama episode 111. It didn't have that much dialogue in it, but it didn't need it. It was almost entirely comprised of music, and their choice of music fit perfectly. I couldn't find any of the episode on youtube, but you can find the entire episode here.

As you can probably tell, I'm not watching any currently airing series. I know a lot of them are ending around now, so I'll be marathoning some in the near future. If you have a specific show from the spring season that you think I should watch right away, let me know in the comments. :)

Other random shit
  • I've been listening to a lot of music this week. In fact, I've got my iHome cranked up almost all the way right now (currently listening to Heartbreak: Bare Noize Remix). Some of my favorite songs that I've been listening to this week include: Get Outta My Way by Kylie Minogue (music video is weird as fuck, though), Strobo Pop by Die ATZEN mit NENA (I tend to skip the rap part b/c it sounds like crap), Dead Hearts by Stars, and lots of Coldplay. There's nothing better than blasting dubstep in your car while driving to the store to buy 5 packs of Koolaid with your older bro.
  • I saw Super 8 a few days ago. It was pretty good. :) "ALIIIIICCCEEE!!!"
  • I'm eating strawberry pocky right now. I haven't had pocky in a long time. Mmmmm. 
  • My Skype works one day but not the next. Y U NO WORK??? fml 
  • Oh, yeah. I'm really in love with the band f(x).
What anime did you watch this week?

The Subscription Update for this week is  here.