Monday, June 27, 2011

Is being obsessed with anime really that bad? Why all the negativity?

A year ago or so ago, I was very conscientious about my anime obsession, as most anime fans can relate to. I did not want to admit that I was obsessed with anime. I thought it was a terrible thing, and I felt a large internal conflict within myself. Am I considered obsessed? Do other people think I'm obsessed? Whenever I thought about it, I always got a sick feeling in my stomach. I wondered if people would think I'm a loser, someone who rarely gets out of the house and fits all the parameters for otakudom. I feared that if I moved to Japan one day, they would make fun of me for loving anime. I looked up the definition of obsessed many times and tried to fit myself into the definition. This inner debate continued in my mind for about a week like a broken record, plaguing my thoughts relentlessly. Am I or am I not? Then, all of a sudden, I felt an incredible sense of calm as everything just fell into place.

Who cares? I'm the one who's making it into more than it's supposed to be. I'm the one putting so much meaning behind the word 'obsessed'. And who cares if I'm obsessed, anyway? I'm the one who decides my actions, and I don't have to act like the otaku stereotype because I'm not the otaku stereotype. I am me, and it's as simple as that. Judge me if you like, but I know who I am, and I know that I'm more than just an 'anime fan' or an 'otaku' or whatever flimsy label you want to apply to me.

And with that I simply stopped giving a shit. Call me what you will, but I am one very fucking happy person. I don't mean 'happy' in the sense that I'm really exuberant and excitable; I've just found a sense of peace, a certain calm in my mentality.

Do you consider yourself obsessed with anime? Why or why not?