Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'll be posting practically every day from now on

I apologize to the few dutiful readers I have for not posting until now.

School ended on June 8th for me, but the days before that had been busy as I struggled to pull together some projects. I was at Colossalcon, too, the first weekend of June and I didn't have internet access. On June 9th, I went on a class field trip to Cedar Point which turned out to be awesome, and then on June 13th, I left for Massachusetts with my grandparents. I didn't return until yesterday. As you can probably guess, I've been spending this entire day recooperating, watching anime, and finally enjoying my long, lazy, apathetic summer days. Yes, I'm planning on spending a few days just being a hermit and gluing myself to the computer. Oh laptop, I have been without you for so long.

And my laptop has been being bad as well. Not only was it infected, but Google Chrome and Safari decided they were going to be lazy and not even attempt at starting up, so I'm left with this shitty Internet Explorer. I miss my pretty Google Chrome and all my bookmarks. Plus, my IE is all weird...

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to let you guys know that I have kind of good excuses for not posting, and I can assure you that I will be posting on a more regular basis. It's likely that I will be posting daily, if not multiple times per day.

Ahhh I am such a summerfag.

Oh, and don't think I've forgotten about your banner, Riyoga. Let me know the dimensions, please, and how I can send it to you. :3