Monday, June 20, 2011

Colossalcon 2011

Sorry that I haven't posted for almost two weeks now. I've been busy, and two days ago I went to Cedar Point which was awesome. If you haven't been there, you need to get on a plane, come to Ohio and get a ticket. It's fucking amazing. Plus, this was the first year that I finally got into roller coasters, and so at the end of the day, I went on the Millennium Force for the first time ever with my hilarious, extremely intelligent German teacher (we were on a class trip), and he explained to me the design and even told me about the manufacturer as we made out ascent. I also rode the MantisMagnum, and the Power Tower (both up and down, though the drop scared the shit out of me). Anyway, that was really fun, and yesterday I saw the X-Men First Class movie which was pretty badass. {Obviously, I started writing this post before I left for Massachusetts}

That's not the point of this post, though. I went to Colossalcon on June 3, and came home on Sunday, June 5. I wanted to do a full report on everything I did there because Colossalcon is awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

We left on Friday around 4 PM and got to the convention center two hours later at six. After checking into our room and having an impromptu dance party on the balcony, we made our way down to the action. There was no line at all whatsoever, and we got our badges very quickly. Once we had got inside, we headed straight for the Dealer's Room and spent an hour roaming around and browsing the stands.

At 8:00, we went to Vic Mignona's Q&A panel which was pretty hilarious. I really don't like him that much as a voice actor (I'm more of a sub person), but he is an entertainer at heart, and he sure does know how to work a crowd. I actually did get called on, and I asked him what disco song fits his personality the best. He claimed to not know that many disco songs, so he Rick Roll'd us instead, which everyone responded to which an appropriate groan.

Around 9:00, we stopped by Anime's Deadliest Warrior, but it turned out to be exceptionally boring, and none of the people in my group knew the characters that were supposed to be battling each other out, so we left. I think we may have stopped by the lounge at that time, but I don't really remember. xD

At 10 PM, we went over to the One Piece panel, which was cool until this obnoxious guy came in and sat right behind me. Seriously, dude. You're not funny at all, and I couldn't hear the actual panelists over you. I sincerely don't think anyone cared about what you were saying, so gtfo.

We left a bit early since that guy was annoying as fuck, and went to the Great Anime Improv Experiment panel at 11. I've seen these guys at quite a few conventions, and they're usually really hilarious, but this panel made no sense at all, and the humor had practically no coordination. It was much too random, and the transitions between topics were choppy and basically nonexistent. I think I may have fallen asleep, actually. We ended up leaving about half an hour into it. I could tell that everyone in my group was fighting to stay awake, but we somehow dragged ourselves into the rave for 15 minutes or so. Although I didn't see anyone handing out free glow sticks this year, I still had a great time with my friends and dancing lamely together. xD

The next day we woke up around 8 AM and got ready for the day ahead. I got into my Germany cosplay and wrestled with my wig a bit before leaving at 10 AM. We reached the Dealer's Room soon after leaving, and I bought some stuff.

We had planned on going to the Kuroshitsuji Host Cafe since we had missed the Ouran one the day before, but we ended up losing track of time and sacrificing the host cafe for more time in the Dealer's Room. After buying a shitload of anime stuff and meeting up with even more friends, we got lost in a crowd of Hetalia cosplayers who dragged me outside to their photoshoot. It was really hot outside, though and when they weren't looking I quietly slipped away. I only got to take a few pictures with them, but I was going to be late to Whose Line is it Anime, and I really wanted to see their show. I've seen these guys many times (the last time I saw Whose Line was at Anime Central; I also saw it the year before at Colossalcon), and they're hilarious, but we got to the panel a half an hour late, which kind of bummed me out. We also wanted to go to Ask a Nation, but it overlapped with Whose Line, so we ended up sacrificing Whose Line for Ask a Nation, although in the end, I thought that the former was much more funny. We went to Ask a Nation around 1:30 or 2:00, and we stayed until only 2:30. It was in a smaller room last year, and there were waaaaay more countries the year before (almost every country was covered), but this year, I was a bit disappointed. The room was much larger and less, well, intimate, I guess, than last year. Plus, there were only about six or seven countries there answering questions. Sure, they had all the main ones, but I miss all the nations from last year. They were a rowdy, hilarious bunch; they still are, just not as much so. Actually, I think the same person who hosted it last year as Prussia, hosted it again this year as America. She didn't have Latvia with her, though, and there were no cups to be thrown around. ;___; Anyway, we ended up leaving because the countries were hard to hear, and we wanted to go to Voca-PV.

We caught the last fifteen minutes of Voca-PV, a panel dedicated to showing Vocaloid PVs. After each video, trivia was asked, and the audience tried their best to remember the minute details of the PVs shown. If the person called on got it right, they would get a piece of candy. About five minutes till their ending time at 3, they still had a ton of candy left, so they resorted to randomly throwing candy across the room, showering the Vocaloid lovers in sweet tarts and lollipops.

At 3:00, we were going to see World Domination with Tatum, but somehow, we ended up in the Dealer's Room yet again. xD

We got out of the Dealer's Room at 4:00 and went to the anime-fu panel which was fucking awesome, and you should be ashamed for missing it. At first, they showed a bunch of martial arts clips from old anime that I had heard of but never seen. I wanted to see more legit martial arts like the kind used in Darker Than Black or a more modern action show than Dragon Ball Z and Fist of the North Star. After showing those clips, they started debunking common martial arts myths. Apparently, the whole thing about slamming your palm up into someone's nose will not cause them to die or pierce thier brain. The nose is all cartilidge, so it's not strong enough to break your skull or puncture your brain. It will still heart like hell, but it's not fatal. After their myth busters segment, the two panelists showed some martial arts techniques, and my God, it was sexy as hell. I'm sorry, but there is nothing better for a woman than watching two physically fit men grappling each other. xD Also, it was pretty hilarious (and sexy xD) when they said, "Oh, and if you are sexually assaulted..." then a guy in a Leon cosplay (one of the panelists) got on top of the other, and they demonstrated how to flip the rapist over and get away. It was all very interesting. I just wish they had shown more variation in their clips at the beginning, but this is a minor complaint.

At this time, we went outside for the anime dodgeball. On the forums, it said that it started at 6 PM on saturday, but when we got into the empty parking lot and saw no dodgeball players in site, we were disappointed to find out that the dodgeball had actually been rescheduled for six hours before at noon.

Defeated, we went to the ask an anime character panel which was pretty cool. The english voice actors at the con sat behind a curtain, and the audience asked the characters that the VAs played questions. For example, Vic Mignogna was there, and many people asked Edward Elric questions. There was one woman there; I think her name is Cherami Leigh (Lee? I don't remember), and she had the most annoying voice I have ever heard in my life. Dear lord, why can't the english voice actors understand that they will never be able to be as cute as their Japanese counterparts in dub? (not saying all dubs are bad, but the cute, moe characters almost never live up to the Japanese versions imo) We weren't there for long; after a while, we decided to go back to the room, so I could get out of my Germany cosplay and drop stuff off. Before we retreated, though, I ran through the hallways with my German flag, shouting "wooo Deutschland!" Many Hetalia fans responded to my cheering.

After I got changed and relaxed for a little while, we went back down to the convention center, met up with a few friends that we had left in ask an anime character, and got in line for the Saturday night cosplay.We waited in line for a long time, way over the designated time that the event was supposed to start, but staff memebers were very helpful in keeping the crowd up to date with what was going on, and a kind volunteer even went around supplying the crowd with water. My group of friends didn't really care about the long wait, though, since we had Spot it! which has proven to be one of the most simplistic and addicting games ever created. We played it at least 300 times (complete exaggeration lol) as we sat on the floor in a crowded hallway.

We finally got into the cosplay event, and it was pretty awesome. I was glad that I had brought my DS along, as I had some hilarious conversations with 9 or 10 other con-goers on pictochat. Obviously, about 50% of the chat was pictures of penises. Somehow, the conversations on pictochat always lead to that. xD

Once the event started, they went straight to cosplay skits. There were many dance ones and a few ones that weren't so well rehearsed, but there were some really incredile ones too. My favorites were the Death Note spoof of Sponge Bob (here) and the Zero Requiem (here). The half-time game was epic. I can't believe they did a ramen eating challenge on stage (part 1, part 2). Yes, the guy eating the ramen at the end who won was the same guy who played the violin in Zero Requiem.

After we got out of the cosplay event, we milled around a bit and went to the karaoke room. We listened to a few songs and thought about singing ourselves, but no one seemed up to it; we were too busy drawing on the pieces of paper provided. I, of course, shocked everyone with my incredible drawing abilities.

Around 1 AM, we made our way over to the Death Note mafia panel a few rooms over. I had played Death Note mafia a few weeks before at Anime Central, and this time I had some of my close friends with me to play with. The group here was much larger than the one at ACen and there were no swivel chairs, but it proved to be an awesome time. I even saw a few of the people I had played with at ACen there which was pretty cool. I never got to be Kira, though, and the one time I finally got to be a special person (Gelus), I got killed in the second round. Death Note mafia sure is a bitch. I did end up buying a deck of the playing cards, though, so I can enjoy the game with the rest of my anime club friends.

Around 2:30 or 3:00, we went to the rave and spent a half an hour dancing and sweating profusely. I smelled so bad by the end of that weekend. Dx I did shower, but I never washed my hair; I only soaped up my body, so my hair was a tangled, disgusting, greasy mess by the end of the weekend, and I was happy to get home in the end.

I didn't do much on Sunday... I just bought a little bit from the Dealer's Room, picked up a commision from the Artist's Alley and bought some really cheap anime stuff from the Otaku Flea Market, which is a fantastic idea and every anime convention should have it.

In the end, I had a great time with a few really awesome friends. I got a ton of pictures to tranfer over to my computer, and once I do, I will surely post them here. :3

Can't wait to go to my next convention. I may be going to Youmacon in November and Ohayocon in late January of 2012. What cons do you guys frequent? Any awesome experiences you'd like to share? I love sharing con stories.