Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bloggers, I need your advice.

Now that I'm fairly happy with the appearance of my blog, I was wondering if I could ask my fellow bloggers or writers in general a few questions about how I can make this blog even better.

First of all, what am I doing right, and what am I doing wrong? What do you like about my blog, and what do you think I should change? I'm all about personal improvement, so I can take your criticisms. I want to grow as an anime reviewer and blogger, so let me know how I can approve.

Is there anything bothering you about the site layout? Is it easy to navigate?

What do you think of my posts? Is there any topic that I've been neglecting?

And one of my most important questions: Do you think blogging daily is a bad idea? Should I only post one or two times a week or do you enjoy seeing new posts up on here all the time?

Any feedback is much appreciated. :)

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