Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why I haven't posted for over a week

This week has been a bit stressful. I really wanted to post, but I simply did not have enough time. Even if I did try to write something meaningful, it would've just ended up sounding like crap. Here's why I haven't written for over a week:
  • I went to Anime Central this year for my birthday. I had no internet connection, so I didn't end up posting anything. It was really fun, though, and I hope to get a post up about it soon!
  • I caught a cold. It's miserable. If you know any secret remedies that can cure a cold other than the tradition advil and 12 hours of sleep, please let me know. I'm getting tired of having snot fly everywhere when I sneeze. 
  • I went to school even though I was sick. It's getting down to the last few weeks of school, and there's been shitloads of homework and tests. I really couldn't afford taking a sick day, so I decided to suck it up and go to school anyway. Every day when I got home, I had a ton of studying to do (esp for German), and after spending so much time studying, I didn't have the time or motivation to crank out a blog post. 
I promise that during the summer (only 2 weeks away!!), I will definitely post a lot more than now.