Monday, May 2, 2011

When do anime obsessions go too far?

I like to think of conversation as a piano. To carry an engaging conversation, it's important to hit many different piano keys, thus creating a melody. When someone keeps pounding away at the same piano key, it can become unbearably annoying. Likewise, when someone only talks about one thing, the conversation becomes bland, predictable and annoying.

Also, if you keep hearing that same damn piano key endlessly, it's very likely that when the noise stops, you'll cringe whenever you hear again. It becomes a sound that you no longer want to hear.

Sometimes anime fans obsess madly about a series so much that such a series becomes uninteresting to the receiving party.

For example, I like Bleach. I don't think it's a masterpiece or deserving of a 10/10, but it can be enjoyable, and that's all I'm looking for.

Enter a crazily obsessed Bleach fan.

Conversation ensues. All the Bleach fan can talk about is Bleach; it's endless. He says repeatedly how much he can relate to the characters and "Oh my God, Ichigo is so fucking badass." He just goes on and on.

I'm happy he's found a show that's entertaining, but there's only so much a lending ear can take.

You've been hearing about it so much that whenever you try to sit down to watch said show, it just doesn't seem so enjoyable.

Whenever you see him and he starts talking about the latest Bleach fight, all that nodding and "uh-huh"-ing becomes laborious and exhausting.

And that piano key just keeps twanging away.

When do anime obsessions become too overwhelming? Is there a limit?

I know that it's totally different when both parties are obsessed with said series. This post mostly applies to someone who watched a show a little while go and found it alright, then someone who's obsessed talks with you. Like, I watched D. Gray Man two years ago, and if one of my friends suddenly wouldn't stop talking about it, the series would become extremely unappealing. Let me know if you feel similarly.