Monday, May 16, 2011

My cosplay came in the mail!

When I ordered my Germany cosplay on May 3rd (ish), I doubted it would come in time for ACen, which, at that time, was only about three weeks away.

The mail service is a bit unpredictable.

Let's say you go on eBay, and you want to buy a tea kettle. It says in the shipping estimation that it'll probably arrive on June 1st. Great! Just in time for your kettle convention!

Suddenly, though, a freak fire in the train/plane/car/truck/whatever-the-hell-carries-mail-nowadays delays- if not destroys- your precious tea kettle. Now the estimation would be pushed back to June 7th.

Now let's say some train/whatever robber comes and steals all the mail! OH NO!

The mail people now spend two weeks trying to retrieve it. I don't know why they would hunt it down in the first place, but let's just say that it's still the 1800's; robbers are stupid and simpleminded, and the mail service is particularly diligent.

So they find your stupid damn tea kettle and YES it's finally on its way to your home. You've already missed your kettle convention, but whatever. You'll get over it. Act like a man, damnit. Estimation = June 25th

Then, of course, your train/plane/boat is attacked by some rabid terrorists or something and all the packages are blown into the sea/sky/mountains. These train people are really, really determined to get you your goddamned kettle, and they finally get it back.

By now the estimation is probably somewhere in November. By the way, it's 11 PM, this is a terrible analogy, I'm tired, and deal with it. Thank you very much.

Back on topic! The mail is more unpredictable because anything could happen. I assumed that the costume probably wouldn't come in time for the con, and I should just accept it then, so I wouldn't be disappointed later.

BUT this is not the case. My whole cosplay- wig, flag, and costume- all came in the mail. It's even 4 days early. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Thank you very, VERY much, cosplay sky for being reliable and considerate of my time limit. I tried on the costume as soon as I got home and saw it awaiting me on the front porch. It fits perfectly. 

It's comfortable, seems to accentuate every good part of my body, and is made of light, durable (I think) material. If you had to buy a cosplay, I would recommend cosplay sky. Please check them out. My whole costume amounted to $110 (including shipping, not including wig or flag). I thought that was a pretty nice deal for a quality costume.

I would provide pics of me in it, but I'm lazy and I don't feel like finding my camera.

How about taking a pic on your computer's camera?

Hey, why don't you shut up.

This post is really stupid.