Monday, May 2, 2011

Anime Challenge: 200 episodes in one month

Watching a lot of anime in one day not only makes me very happy, but it's also very fulfilling. I feel as if I've gotten something done, though I've been very entertained while doing so. 

I used to feel that way a lot.

I don't feel that way very often anymore. 

That makes me kind of sad and nostalgic, so I'm going to try to manage my time wisely and watch 200 episodes in one month. Is this challenge silly? Yes. Do any of my readers care that I'm doing this? Probably not. Will I actually reach 200 episodes? Not likely. 

However, I do think it'll get me back into marathoning which I love to do.

This challenge will come to a close on June 1st. 

Well, Nadja, it's actually May 2nd in case you hadn't noticed.

I'm aware of that. I came up with this idea yesterday and put it into motion. I just felt too lazy to write about it. 

And now I'm off to marathon Gintama (which is super awesome so far btw)....(and I'm on episode 73).