Sunday, May 29, 2011

10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Gintama

After reading posts by these people, I thought I would write my own post, explaining why Gintama is the best show ever and why you should get off your lazy ass and go watch the fuck out of it.

Seriously. It's a proven fact that people who don't watch this show have a much shorter life span than those who do. It's probably because those who haven't seen the show die from intense depression and despair. You know what they say: "An episode of Gintama a day keeps the frownies away." Well, that was a terrible joke that I stole off a tollhouse cookie ad.

Anyway, here's my list in no particular order:

10. Music
All the openings and ending from Gintama are absolutely amazing. It's the kind of music that you have to download within seconds of hearing it and end up humming without realizing.
The video quality is all pixelated and crappy, but the song is still awesome.

The BGM is also really good. I especially love the the BGM that comes on whenever Baka Ouji shows up.

9. The creator talks on the show
Usually, you never hear the creator. It's only a name and it becomes hard to even picture them as a real person.

Although Hideaki Sorachi (creator of Gintama) never shows his face (instead he's a gorilla), he does talk on the show at some points, and I think it's pretty interesting to actually hear his voice.

I couldn't find any English subbed videos of him, but here's a short clip from a Spanish sub that I found on youtube. Yes, that is indeed his voice, and if you can't understand Japanese or the Spanish subtitles, he's talking about how much of a pain being a mangaka is. Then, at the end he proclaims that he want to become a cheeseburger. xD

8. Parodies
Gintama is one of those shows that just throws random parodies in without you even realizing it. None of the references feel forced or annoying, and they cover a wide range of media. Even if you don't get the references given, the TL notes are usually pretty helpful in explaining it.

One of the best examples of these parodies is the Death Note hot pot in episode 25.

7. It does not give a shit
It will put the ending at the beginning, and the opening at the end, or just randomly in the middle.
They won't put in backgrounds because they are "too lazy" and they'll make fun of themselves for it.
They will change the synopsis of the storyline at the beginning just to throw you off.
They will take risks, and because of that they will be successful.

6. The guys are sexy
If you're a girl and you enjoy seeing sexy guys, or if you're a guy and you are HARD GAY, then you will enjoy all the smex. (the women are also fappable as well)
You know you want to lick that shit.
5. It will bring you to tears
The transitions between comedy and sincerity are practically perfect. One moment you're laughing, and the next you're bawling your eyes out. The character's pasts are especially touching, and always hit your heart at just the right angle. I found Okita's past to be one of the saddest in the show. The writing throughout those episodes was impeccable.

 4. Gintama can cure you of any disease imaginable
Depression? AIDS? Cancer? No money? No friends? Dehydration? Loneliness? Paranoia? Schizophrenia?

Suck it up.
Watch Gintama.
You'll be fine.

3. Gintama will teach you how to be a ninja
^skip to 1:45 for a comprehensive guide. *edit OH OK. SO NOW THE VIDEO DOESN'T FUCKING WORK. THANKS GUYS.

2. The action is actually pretty good
I did not expect to find quality action in a comedy series like this, so I was surprised to find a lot of pretty good action sequences. I noticed this for the first time in the Benizakura arc, especially whenever Kagura was running around, flipping through the air while shooting people with her umbrella.

I was very surprised when Kagura turned out to be one of the most badass, hilarious people on the show. She took the cliche of women in anime, stomped on it repeatedly, spit on it a bit, and then shat all over it. She's sarcastic, mean (in a good way), and actually really helpful. When everyone gets into a battle, Kagura contributes quite a lot. She may even be more powerful than Gintoki at points (doubt it, but maybe...).

1. You will be introduced to the awesome of Gintoki
Somehow, Gintoki is the perfect character. He's sarcastic and apathetic, but he is wise at the same time. He is incredibly badass, so much so that it's almost hard to comprehend. His past is mysterious, but you can tell how much he has gone through, how much he has suffered. He's almost like an older brother, or perhaps even a mother, to Kagura and Shinpachi. I love him. (Plus, Sugita Tomokazu is fucking amazing)