Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What should I cosplay?

Most of the cosplays listed here will be guy costumes. That's only because I usually like dudes more in anime, and I like having a more comfortable costume. If I ended up getting a dress or something like that, there's a 90% chance that I'd want to take it off an hour after putting it on. Plus, I never feel really confident in girly clothes... I never really have. Anyway, here are some anime characters that I may cosplay in the future:

Edward Elric
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
How can you not love this guy??
He's been my favorite character for a while now, and cosplaying him would not only be fun, but it'd be pretty easy too. I have the same color hair as him, so all I'd have to do is tie it up in a braid. I would want to make the arm as well which would be a lot of work, but probably really fun to make. :)

That bartender outfit is so incredibly sexy, and I'd love to wear those purple sunglasses. I'd probably buy the costume itself and then make a bent stop sign out of some piping and foam. It would be epic.

I would love to wear crimson contacts. So fucking badass. 

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
I love this guy's deadpan, sarcastic humor. His laid-back nature and the way he makes fun of Belphegor is truly hilarious. I would absolutely love to wear that crazy hat, that epic uniform similar to that of D. Gray Man's and that cute little make-up he wears. 

Hunter x Hunter
Many people in the anime community these days haven't seen Hunter x Hunter... That makes me kind of sad because it's an awesome show. It's a little bit older, but the storytelling is impeccable (except that sucky ending). Kurapika is a really badass character from HxH, and OH GOD. LOOK AT THOSE EYES. AND THOSE AWESOME CHAINS. Only problem with cosplaying him is that all of the different items would be really expensive. :'(

My friend and I are taking German in school, and it's always been our dream for us to cosplay Germany and Prussia together. We'd just be shouting nonsensical German phrases at each other, but it'd be fucking hilarious (at least to us xD). I also just love Germany. His whole attitude in the show is very attractive. ;) He's kind of tsundere, don't you think? One minute he's shouting orders, and the next he's off blushing at Italy. (btw I don't really support Italy x Germany.... not much anyway... I'm more of a Prussia x Germany kind of girl. The fanart is sexier most of the time and I love both of the characters a tonnnn). 

Ciel Phantomhive
His cosplay has become increasingly more popular at conventions; I think I saw around 15 at the last convention... I really love Ciel's attitude. He's so stubborn while still being composed and showcasing an odd maturity whenever his friends are troubled. He may be the most badass 12-year-old I've ever seen. xD I think I may be pedophile for him. Anyway, I'd love to wear one of his old-fashioned English uniforms. His eyepatch is also incredibly cool. Oh, and if you haven't seen Kuroshitsuji yet, Ciel doesn't actually have a red eye... The eye under the eye patch is a different stroy, though... 

Kanda Yuu
D. Gray Man
I've wanted to cosplay him for the longest time. Kanda is just so damn sexy, and that exorcist uniform is fucking amazing. I love the combination of black and red. Out of all the cpsplays I've listed, this is probably the one I want to do the most. Ohhhh and his long, silky black hair. HNNNNNNG

Panty & Stocking
I absolutely love Stocking's character. This is probably the only female cosplay that I'd be willing to do. There's just something about that wig... 

So which one should I do? What do you think of my choices?