Thursday, April 21, 2011

The truth about dakimakura

Here's something that people don't really know about dakimakura. (Please note that when I say dakimakura, I'm not just referring to the squeezable half-naked pillows; I'm also speaking about the ones with simple normal prints of the characters... If you don't know the difference, take a look below)

Oh, look another average picture of a character
You may see someone carrying a dakimakura around at a convention and think "wow, what a waste of money" or maybe you'll think "get a life, will ya?" BUT have you ever wrapped your limbs around one of these things? I mean HOLY SHIT. These pillows are so perfectly comfortable that they'll have me all snug and cozy in seconds.

Before I start raving about how awesome these pillows are, please allow me to explain why I bought one in the first place...

I had a lot of money left at Ohayocon on Sunday, the last day of the convention.  I don't get chances to buy anime-related goods all too often, so I wanted to peruse the money I had left, but I just couldn't find the "right" thing. Nothing stuck in my mind as something that I just had to have. Please don't think  that I'm some spoiled brat who heads to these cons and precedes to blow through their money on the first day. I'm a very careful buyer. I have to see everything in the vendor's room before I can start purchasing. The first time I go into the dealer's room, I will not buy anything unless it's under $15 or I really want it and there's a limited supply.

Anyway, I had seen a few Edward Elric body pillows floating around the vendor's room, and I had contemplated buying it, but I figured that it would be considered creepy. Then, a friend of mine suddenly decided to buy a dakimakura of Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. When I saw her walking around with it, I was kind of shocked. She actually bought it?! 

I guess seeing her buying it so shamelessly kind of pushed me over the edge. After I saw her carrying it around, looking so squishy and cuddly in her folded arms, I knew that buying a dakimakura would be awesome. And it proved to be not only awesome, but fucking awesome. 

One thing I'd really like to get straight, though is I own an Edward Elric dakimakura, and I do not hump it, nor do I fap on or around it. Even if it didn't have Edward Elric on it, I'd still think it's super comfortable. Hell, half the time when I'm hugging it, I barely even notice that he's on the pillow... I don't think "mmmm... Edward Elric," instead, I think more along the lines of "ohhh... soft, lovely pillow... you make me so happy..."

Whether the dakimakura has a raunchy design on it or not, they're really, really comfortable, and the 2 1/2 feet of cushioney, pillowey awesomeness is definitely worth your money.

So do you own a dakimakura? If so, who's it of and why'd you buy it?

Also, what do you think of dakimakura in general? Do you consider people who own them "weeaboos," "otaku," or maybe just plain "faggots?"