Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Times have changed

I'm not watching anime as much as I want to.

Last year, I rarely had any school work to do, and so I would have a lot of time to watch anime. In fact, not only did I have enough time to watch five episodes a day, but I would also find time to check my youtube, play DDR, and do any other internet surfing... I went to bed earlier too.

I would usually check my youtube after getting home, then I would play DDR for a while. After that I would just hang out, maybe do some of my homework (which I never had much of anyway).

After dinner I would go watch anime (during my last school year, I was watching a lot of One Piece), and I would always get off the computer at 10 PM and go to sleep soon after.

OH how times have changed since then...

Things preventing me from watching 5 episodes of anime daily:

1. School - I have so much more work to do nowadays, and it doesn't help that I'm a total procrastinator. I always wait until the last minute. I have no idea how I keep getting As because almost everything I do is done the night before. The worst of it was a month or so back when I underestimated how much time I needed for an essay. I started it the day before it was due (Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow) and it took me forever to get started on it. I ended up staying up until 4 AM to finish it along with some other work I had to do. After pulling such a long night, it's not so bad in the morning; I was actually surprised by how energized I was. No, it's the afternoons/evenings that kill you. I remember feeling so lightheaded and dizzy by the end of the school day... It was terrible.  

2. Habit - I kind of stopped feeling like I needed to watch it daily. Last year, I always felt as if a day wasn't complete unless I got my anime fix. Nowadays, since school has bogged me down so much, I can live without watching anime. When I told myself, "Since you have so much homework tonight, you don't need to watch any anime today..." I fell into the habit of telling myself that, of making up stupid excuses to not watch anime.

3. Goals - I have a lot more goals I'm trying to reach now more so than back then. I'm maintaining this blog, learning Japanese, and trying to keep myself fit. That's one awful lot to squish into a day, and since anime watching is pushed to the end of the day, I usually find myself simply pushing it out of my day altogether, so I can do other things.

So what should I do?

Well, I definitely want to get back into my routine of feeling the need to watch anime daily. I need to get better at time management. Here's what I'm going to do:

  • Do homework when I get home from school. At that time of day, my mind is still in school-mode and it's earlier in the day, so I'm not as tired. 
  • Start studying/working on that project a few days earlier. Don't leave everything to the day before. 
  • Get yourself really engaged in a long series. I'm already doing this with Gintama. (I'm on episode 8-ish)
This post was mainly for myself only. I'm not really expecting anyone to read it anyway so what the hell.

I guess it's mainly here for me to look back on a year or so later and reflect on my goal setting. :)