Sunday, April 17, 2011

Manga vs. Anime

I know this doesn't apply to all anime/manga fans, but usually fans tend to lean heavily on one medium while skipping out on the other.
I think it all comes down to personal preferences and the availability of each. I watch anime much more than I read manga. It's not that I hate manga or anything. My problem with it stems from its accessibility. Sure, in modern times, almost any manga can be found translated on the mighty world wide web (they might not be updated regularly, though >.>). Although they can certainly be found online, I'm one of those old fashioned people who can't fathom reading on a nook or on the web. Manga, for me, is supposed to be read in book where you can bend it and feel the paper. It's that feel that I need. You know; the feeling of all those pages bound together, the feeling of turning a crisp page. I can never get used to reading it on the computer screen. It also kind of hurts my eyes after a while.

So why don't I buy manga?

Well, it's expensive (especially if you're collecting a longer series like One Piece or Bleach) and my local bookstore doesn't usually carry any manga. If anything, it'll carry the latest volumes of Naruto. Every time I go in there, I see the same xxxHolic volume 4 that just can't find its way off the shelves. The closest chain bookstore with an extensive manga collection is half an hour away. I'm lazy.

So I turned to anime. It's always right there on the internet to download or stream. Plus, I just kind of prefer anime... You can hear the characters, see them in color, watch them move, w/e.

I know everyone curses the use of fillers, but sometimes they help develop a character that wasn't fleshed out all too well. For example, the D. Gray Man anime shows a lot of fillers and it can get kind of annoying, but after I read the manga, I've learned to appreciate those fillers a little bit more. In the manga, when I got to the part with Suman and Allen fighting, I didn't particularly care when either of the characters got hurt. The chapters leading up to that point really didn't develop their characters enough; I felt like I knew Allen and Suman better in the anime than in the manga. I'm not saying those fillers were good quality because they sucked, but it did flesh out the characters a bit more. (If anyone else noticed that about DGM let me know)

Also, in anime, there's BGM which really does add to the mood, especially in an action/suspense show.

I think this may be a given, but action manga really isn't as great as action anime. In action anime, one can see all the moves the character makes, all the intricate kicks and swings. One manga I feel this applies to more than any is Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. The manga has action that's so incredibly awesome that it's difficult to convey its epicness on paper. I would be able to appreciate it much more in animation form.

Fucking epic
There's also a trade-off to watching the anime as well... Since it's animated, some of the quality art found in the manga is lost. Anime production teams have to make the art look great at every key frame; that's extremely difficult to pull off, especially with a tight budget. One anime where this really shows through is Vampire Knight. The manga's art is so meticulously detailed that it's practically impossible to pull of in animated form with today's technology. Look at this:
Not really a spoiler; if anyone feels it is, feel free to piss all over this blog
Now compare that art with this:
The anime's art just can't compare with that of the manga. -.-

Anyway, enough of my rambling, what do you think? Are you more of a manga reader or an anime watcher? Which do you prefer?

Also, do you know any series where the art in the manga is amazing, but the art of the anime is crappy?