Saturday, April 9, 2011

Luka x Gakupo

First off, you may wonder: how does one support Vocaloid couples when vocaloids are only mascots for computer programs and have no definite personalities?

It's true that the official creators of Vocaloids haven't written specific personality traits for each Vocaloid, but the fanbase sure has, and many of the fan's ideas about a vocaloid are recycled as more songs are created.

After watching a gajillion Vocaloid PVs and listening to hundreds of songs, I think I understand their personalities as established by the fans a little bit more. Even without listening to many songs, the fanart and the character's looks kind of give off a particular aura.

So why do I support Luka x Gakupo?

Luka is portrayed in many songs as an intelligent and somewhat pretentious woman who hides her emotions and has a rather naughty streak. She also seems to be somewhat older than the other vocaloids, showcasing that maturity in most of her songs.

I'm not quite as sure about Gakupo's identity, but he seems like the chivalrous, quiet type.
(How the characters are portrayed varies from song to song, so while the personality traits I listed are usual of the vocaloids, it's in no way official)

I imagine it would create some really beautiful romance. Plus, their voices go really well together. :3 Have a listen:

^I love the jazzy sound of this song. I don't why, but Gakupo's voice is strangely sexy to me...
Other reasons why this couple is awesome:

  • Their hair matches. xD Purple x Pink... That actually sounds pretty cool... I think that'll be my new nickname for this couple. 
  • When the Luka vocaloid was being released, her creators said that she was supposed to be more of a foreign-influenced vocaloid. Her first name is written in katakana, the Japanese alphabet reserved just for foreign words. Also, her creators stated that while the other vocaloid's original costume designs were based on school uniforms, Luka's was based on something more foreign. AND Luka definitely has more cleavage than most of the other vocaloids. So while Luka kind of represents foreign culture, Gakupo is much more "Japanese." He does have a fairly popular song called "Dancing Samurai," so make what you will of it... 
  • Did I mention how sexy Gakupo was? Is this a valid reason? Umm... not really. 


I love guys with long hair, as well as guys with painted nails (especially those of darker colors like purple).

H-He's beautiful. xD