Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's always been difficult for me to get around to the second series of an anime. When I finish the first series, I usually feel a sense of accomplishment (oh, look! another anime to add to my list woooo), but then I remember I've got a whole thirteen more episodes in the second series to watch. It kind of pisses me off. I mean, if the series you just finished is really shitty, you're obviously not going to want to pick up the second series which is likely to be just as shitty, if not more. Most logical anime fans won't sit through a second series of shit, but not me. I have that stupid obligation that haunts me like the plague. 

Anyway, a lot of times when the series is crappy or just plain boring, I will end up not watching the second series. The following list is all of the second series that I have yet to watch, and following my thoughts on said series, I will post the probability of me actually watching it. In a perfect world where I have oogles (yes, oogles) of time, I'll finish all of these anime. Actually in a perfect world, where I have oogles of time, I'd finish every anime. It's not a perfect world, though. ;__;

One of the first series I ever watched was K-On! (the first series), and I really don't remember that much about it. I just remember it was cute girls doing cute things with some awesome j-pop music. I really kind of want to get back into it, or rather, watch the second series just to see how I view moe two years after watching the original. I'm pretty accepting when it comes to moe shows, so I doubt that I'll hate it. The show actually sounds pretty funny, or at least that's what I've been hearing from my friends... 

Probability of watching: 70%

Please, Twins!
The first series, Please Teacher or Onegai Teacher, isn't much of a first series as it is a completely different story with only some of the characters recycled, so Please Twins can be counted as a completely different series, but w/e. This series still looks like crap. A creepy threesome incest storyline? No. PLEASE, GOD. NO. 

Also, that average art with the multicolored hair really bothers me; it looks kind of boring. Anyway, definitely not watching this.

Probability of watching: 1%

School Rumble Ni Gakki 

The first series was hilarious, and I'm assuming this series will be similar. Although the ending to the first series wasn't that conclusive, I still enjoyed it quite a lot, so it's more than a fitting ending to an awesome series in my book. I'm thinking that this series will just be a continuation of Harima's usual antics. It'll probably introduce a bunch of even more frustrating (and humorous) misunderstandings. For some reason though, whenever I'm thinking of a second season to watch, School Rumble always slips my mind, so it'll probably take me a while to get back to it.

Probability of watching: 60%

Junjou Romantica 2
When I first heard about yaoi/shonen ai/BL, I was disgusted, but not for any of the right reasons. If you asked me why I hated BL, I wouldn't really know how to answer except for "It's just wrong." Wow, what a terrible reason. It was probably due to the fact I hadn't ever actually watched BL before, so I was really only stereotyping. In our current society, being gay is slightly looked down upon, so I guess I was just playing along with the masses when I agreed that anything BL was disgusting. Then I met a friend who liked BL and somehow we got to watching it together. Junjou Romantica was one of the first series we watched together. I fucking loved it. Sure, it can be a bit melodramatic, and females seem to be nonexistent, but there's hot guys doing hot things to other hot guys. As a medium into the whole genre, I couldn't ask for anything better. Maybe one of the reasons it's been taking me so long to get around to season 2 is that I feel like I should watch it with my friend. It feels weird watching it without her. 

Probability of watching: 80%
Vampire Knight Guility
Ugh. I hate Vampire Knight. It's one of the only anime that I find to be extremely overrated. I would rant about it now, but this post will already be extremely long as it is, so I'll leave my ranting for some other time. I doubt I will ever watch this series. If anything, I would read the manga because it has some quality art. Actually, I won't lie; the manga is pretty good. It's the anime I can't stand.

Probability of watching: 0%

Greed Island 
The only reason I haven't watched this yet is because I heard from a friend that it's not that great, and I shouldn't waste my time, so I'm not. Despite what she says, I will probably get around to this.

Probability of watching: 40%

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kei
I watched the first series over spring break, and goddamn. It was amazing. 

And it was of the only anime that kind of scared me. Anyway, the ending of the first series left many important questions open, so I'm hoping that Kei will put a conclusion to this incredible anime.

Probability of watching: 100%

Gunslinger Girl ~Il Teatrino~
I tried watching this after I finished the first series, but I didn't really like it... The art style was extremely different than its predecessor. After watching such an extraordinary series like Gunslinger Girl, ~Il Teatrino~ felt like a more average, washed-out sequel.

Probability of watching: 5%  

Darker than Black: Gaiden
I know, I know. It's really short, and there's no reason that I shouldn't have already watched it. It's not really a sequel as it is an OVA. Okay, so it's not a second series at all. I do still need to finish it, though. I think I have all of the episodes downloaded. I don't know what's stopping me. I've only watched the first episode and the quality is fucking badass. I need more time, damnit.

Probability of watching: 90%

Shakugan no Shana II

The first series had some awesome graphics and romance, but I didn't really like the ending all too much. More than anything, Shakugan no Shana was kind of "meh" in my eyes. After I finished it, I just kind of forgot about it...

Probability of watching: 20%

Nodame Cantabile Finale

I absolutely loved the first series as well as the Paris chapter, and I've been wanting to watch this. I've just been soooo busy *cough cough watching Gintama cough*

This was the series that introduced me to classical music and fostered my newfound love for piano. I definitely want to watch this series. There's guarenteed to be some cute Nodame x Chiaki moments and some great piano recitals/concerts to watch.

Probability of watching: 100%

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2009)
Yes, I fully intend on marathoning the Endless Eight and coming out triumphant. I kind of see it as a badge of honor. Lame, but a badge of honor nonetheless.

Then I may finally be able to understand why Hitler is so angry.

Probability of watching: 100%

Hetalia World Series
The first series was hilarious. Hetalia has such an awesome concept too. Who doesn't want to see which hot guy represents their country?

My friends have been bugging me about watching World Series for some time, and I've promised them I would watch it. I do love Hetalia quite a lot. :)

I'm hoping to watch it before going to Anime Central so I can regain some of my passion for the series. I'll end up buying bucket loads of fanart and $14 keychains (lol why so expensive?)

Probability of watching: 100%

Roberta's Blood Trail
Like Darker than Black: Gaiden mentioned above, Roberta's Blood Trail is also an OVA for the epic Black Lagoon series. I'm pretty excited to watch this and learn more about the elusive badass maid from the first Black Lagoon season. If any of the characters deserves an OVA, it's her. (Actually, a Balalaika OVA would be much appreciated... The only thing better than an assassin maid is a crazy Russian bitch with a huge scar running down her cheek as if screaming "I'm a badass motherfucker, and if you try to mess with me, I'll put a gun down your throat").

Probability of watching: 80%

Evangelion movies
The ending to the Evangelion series sucked. It was absolutely terrible, just two episodes of incoherent psyhobabble. I love hearing psychological analysis in anime, but not to this extent, not when it's so damn repetitive. It fit the very definition of mindfuck.

That being said, I'm wondering how the Evangelion movies provide alternate endings... The first series was actually pretty good near the middle parts, but all hope was lost once gay boy showed up. *remembers shower scene* *shivers* I like BL, but that was just creepy.

Probability of watching: 70%

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge
The first series was a scrumdiliumptious collection of random hilarity that had me laughing so hard I'd find myself rolling out of my chair. I really did love the first series. The characters are so unique and charismatic with their individual perks, that I can't help but adore them. I've been planning on watching the second series for some time, but it keeps slipping my mind (read: I have other, more new series to watch) I hope that I'll get around to it eventually, though.

Probability of watching: 75%

Kimi ni Todoke 2
I have a friend who's obsessed with this series, so it's likely that I'll end up watching it, if only to know what she's always talking about.
Plus, I keep hearing that Sawako and Kazehaya finally go somewhere with their relationship. FINALLY. I really need to verify this.

Probability of watching: 90%

Jigoku Shojo Futakomori
I liked the first series, but I didn't love it. I was kind of disappointed by it; I thought it would be much more scary. I wasn't very impressed with the ending or the overarching plot either. I did really like the episodic plot lines, though. I was always wondering what the circumstances of the next death would be; every episode had a different story to tell and a different person to condemn to hell. The series was always very creative when it came to that, never once running out of fresh ideas. I've heard from some other anibloggers that Futakomori is much better than the first series, so I'll definitely watch it.

Probability of watching: 60%

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
This is one of the best parody shows out there. It never fails to make me laugh. Not only is it hilarious though, it also has great art and animation that I love. The only problem I have is that it has so many damn episodes. Since there's so many episodes, some of their jokes can feel a bit repetitive if you marathon it, especially if you marathon all of the series (46 episodes).

Probability of watching: 75%