Saturday, April 16, 2011

I want to play otome games in Japanese

Translated otome games are difficult to come across. The only one that I have ever played translated into English was Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Kiss (quite a mouthful xD) which was translated by the non-profit translation group gokusaishiki. Thanks to them for being incredibly AWESOME and providing me with an incredibly fun game that I can actually understand. 

There are a ton of otome games out there, and one may wonder why not many of them are translated into English... Otome games (and pretty much every dating sim) take a long time to translate. The translators for these projects dedicate huge amounts of time to translate these games for the fans. They don't earn any money from it. Their work is to be appreciated.

Anyway, while I am extremely glad that I was able to find a translated game and play it, I want to find more games. The games that translators choose are completely beyond my control. I want to be able to pick an otome game at random, order it off the internet, and play it in Japanese. Playing otome games in their original language is one of the leading reasons why I'm studying Japanese in the first place.

I want to experience that beautiful otome art and graphics in the highest quality on my PC or PS3.

I want to collect all the endings and their screenshots.

I want to understand.