Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Impressions: Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Synopsis: The MC moves to his aunt's house and meets a girl who keeps a futon wrapped around her.
Thoughts: I know that Shaft is notorious for its weirdness, but WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?
what's-his-face main character walks into his new home and is welcomed by this^
The show was just really, really weird, and not in a funny way. At points, I felt as if the show was trying too hard to surprise me. It just felt a little bit too forced. Instead of "wtf, oh hahaha," it was, "oh dear God in heaven, what the hell am I watching?" If this show was supposed to be a comedy, it was definitely not doing so well.

I don't really think its aim is to be a comedy, though. Maybe it is just trying to bring something new and refreshing to the table, and if that is the case, it definitely doesn't fail to be "unique." I just felt that the whole weird factor was being pushed down my throat.
You're try too hard, you creepy aunt
Oh, and the aunt is a total freak. She's 39 and she considers herself to be moe. There is a problem with this.

Anyway, the animation and art are very new and fresh. The music is also very well done. I especially loved the ending song; her voice is so beautiful and it matches the tone of the episode really well.
I'm sure I've heard her voice somewhere before...

Probably one of the coolest things about the whole episode happened after the credits. The MC summarizes all the different events that happened to him by adding or subtracting points.
I think that's a great idea, and I may continue watching it just so I can see him rack up points. I wonder what kind of things will happen to him in the future to get him more points...

Potential: 60%

I'm curious about where the series is going to go from here.