Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Impressions: Astarotte no Omocha

Synopsis: Astarotte, a succubus, has to drink Sauzfryma (aka semen) to stay alive.
Thoughts: LOL
Panty would've done great as a succubus. 
When I read the synopsis of this show, I couldn't stop laughing. Sauzfryma? OH GOD. This sounds just like Seikon no Qwaser except with pedophilia. IT'S SO WRONG. [In Seikon no Qwaser the MC (aka number 1 douchebag of the century) had to drink Soma, otherwise known as breast milk. The two anime sounded way too much alike...]

Anyway, I thought this show would be total and complete shit, but I was wrong. It wasn't really all that bad or perverted. I mean, it was definitely awkward hearing them talking about semen like it was food, but I didn't feel it was all too bad. This episode really only sets up the show, and I appreciated that they didn't introduce all of the characters at once. The flow of the episode felt very natural, actually. I was expecting it to be: Enter Astarotte. Enter teenage boy. Okay, blowjob time.

It wasn't like that at all, though. This episode took great care in setting up the series instead of just diving into it.

The animation and art is average for anime nowadays with bright coloring and steady, well-made animation. It's not incredible, but it definitely fits the standards for modern day animation.
^Astarotte or Lotte (Yes, she does have a servant named Zelda)
Potential: 50%

This is random, but above when I said, "Enter Astarotte. Enter teenage boy," the first time I typed that I said, "Enter teenage book."

I was like, wait, what?