Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crack couple: Edward Elric x Allen Walker (more of a comparison)

I'm not usually one to ship crossover pairings, especially not yaoi ones, but this one is an exception. If you have seen both shows, then you may be able to see how incredibly alike the two are.

Edward Elric

  • no arm - automail replacement
  • quick temper
  • badass
  • long braided hair
  • dad that's not around all too much, and mom that's dead
  • short + referred to as "bean sprout"
  • very strong willed
  • tried to bring mom back to life
  • when he tried to bring his mom back to life, he ended up making something not human
  • abusive teacher
  • can turn metal arm into a blade
  • soldier in the military - has an official uniform (just doesn't wear it often)
  • lives during early 1900s

Allen Walker
  • has an abnormal arm *spoiler* and loses it for a portion of the series
  • very polite, but also has a quick temper when insulted
  • badass
  • has really long hair at one point
  • dead parents + dead foster father
  • short + referred to as bean sprout
  • very strong willed
  • tried to bring foster father back to life
  • when he tried to bring his foster father back to life, he ended up making an akuma, otherwise known as a demon
  • abusive teacher
  • can turn arm into a blade as well as other weapons
  • exorcist for church - has an official uniform
  • lives during early 1900s 

As you can see from the lists above, Allen Walker and Edward Elric are so alike that it's almost scary. Since I love both D. Gray Man and Fullmetal Alchemist, I can't help but wonder what would happen if their worlds met, and the characters became friends. Obviously, as a yaoi fan (I am no fangirl, just fan), I'm thinking of these characters as much more than friends.

This is where yaoi blabber starts... Please read no further if you're allergic

Okay, so here's the big question: Whose seme and whose uke
They're so very alike that it's almost hard to distinguish who'd be more overpowering. Ed comes off as a bit immature and probably is more hotheaded than Allen.
In comparison, Allen is a bit more mature and generally more calm than Ed. Somehow, I think Edward would come out on top. I guess it'd be more of a shifting dominance.

^This is practically the only fanart of this shipping I've been able to find. I'm sure there's some more hiding on pixiv... Thanks to Rusky-Boz on deviantart for having the only Ed x Allen picture available on the net.