Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anime brings people together

It's really quite amazing how much more comfortable I am talking with an anime fan than with someone who isn't.

The first time I ever went to a convention I was surprised how confident I was when talking with strangers. It became easy to just start a conversation out of the blue. Most people were kind, considerate, and more than happy to talk with you. There's a common passion that everyone is so incredibly enthusiastic about.

There's so many inside jokes and little comments you can make about an anime that it can bring mere strangers to acquaintances in only a short amount of time. That's awesome.

At a convention a while back, my friend was feeling really depressed because of some really strange and frustrating room issues. She was so incredibly stressed out that she started crying. Everything was just much too overwhelming for her. Anyway, this guy who we didn't really know, but had been talking to before my friend broke down, got some napkins and water for her. He didn't pry into the conversation or why she was crying; he just wordlessly got up and got some napkins. It was just a really considerate little thing that made her feel a bit better.

So I just wanna thank everyone in the whole entire anime community for generally being warm-hearted, helpful, and hilarious. I love you guys.

Feel free to leave heartwarming experiences in the comments below. I always love hearing a good story.