Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There are no funerals in Bleach

In some anime *cough cough BLEACH cough cough* you'll find that NO ONE DIES. 

This may not seem like a problem to the happy-go-lucky optimistic anime fan, but for the realistic anime fan such as myself, there's a problem if no one kicks the bucket.

But wait, please allow me to backtrack a bit as I correct myself. There are many wonderful anime in which no funerals have to be held, although I've found that none of my absolute favorites are like this. Every single anime in my top five have had some sort of death occur among the episodes, and in my opinion, these anime deaths are necessary to create a truly compelling story. 

This is necessary because:
  • If the anime is action and has a lot of fighting, it reminds the viewer just how dangerous this world can be. It reminds you that no one is completely safe, and that this anime isn't all fun and games; it can be serious too.
  • Dying is sad. Therefore, when a character dies, the viewer will most likely feel emotionally towards it. If you are emotionally tied to the show, then you care about it. Boredom is the producer's worst enemy, and if the producer can make you care, then he has succeeded in some way.
  • It's realistic. People die in real life, so to make a character die in an anime (esp. in fantasy anime where the setting is far from this world) sets it a little bit closer to reality and can make a viewer connect with the show. I don't think there's a single human being who hasn't heard of death or hasn't known someone who has passed on.
This brings me to my point: Anime like Bleach where the main characters come close to death several times, but are saved somehow are very unrealistic and can sometimes be hard to watch because of it. Although Bleach is an awesome show and I do enjoy watching it, I can't feel emotionally attached to it because I'm always sure that the characters will be a-okay. 

It really bothers me that whenever a Bleach character runs into a fight, I am completely positive that the good guys will win. Sure, the character may lose at first. Kubo tries to mix it up with that. 

It just doesn't work. 

Either someone else comes swooping in to save the day, or the character trains, gets stronger, and returns in a few days/weeks (probably days, though...come on y'all; this is Bleach we're talking about the series where Ichigo gains bankai in five minutes!). 

Just thought I'd mention this also: Ichigo has almost died like three times. (Don't hold me to it, though. I don't read the manga, and I'm 435230580958645604 episodes behind on the anime)

(Actually I'm only about 20 eps behind...in case you were wondering)

WOW... this post didn't really have much of a point. Not like I care or anything. At this point, no one is reading this blog, so I figure I'll write whatever the hell I want and not give a single flying fuck. For later reference on my part I suppose, I'll just say that this post was a bit too much on the ranty side. I'll try to contain the bitchfit part of me as I write future posts. ALSO, come on! Where the hell are pictures? I mean do you expect people to even care about what you're writing without any fucking pictures?!! You have no standards. 

Anywho, don't mind the little number at the bottom of my posts. It's just the number of posts I've written out of 365 and how many days I have done this. I'm trying to form a habit of writing on here often and maybe I'll gain some followers on my honorable quest. Who knows? 

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