Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ahhh... Memories

It's weird. 

I haven't really been watching anime for that long of a time (compared to other oldfags). It's only been about two years since I was introduced to it by a friend (my history with anime will be explained in a future post). Although it's only been two years, I find that I feel a lot of nostalgia when rewatching any anime. This is partly because I have specific memories regarding the anime I have watched. These memories usually associate with:
-how long I watched said show (marathon or weekly)
-where I was 
-what I was eating (if anything)
-who I was watching it with (if anyone) .... (forever alone ;__;)

So without further ado, here are all the weird things I associate with anime I've watched:

I marathoned this series straight through a snowy weekend in January of last year, and I inhaled a huge bag of chocolate covered potato chips. I can remember sitting hunched over my computer at 1 AM, bright desk lamp burning all too brightly, the opened bag of potato chips taunting me, their chocolate-ness beckoning me.

It was delicious. :3 

Death Note
It was during spring break last year when I went on vacation that I watched the whole Death Note series on DVD. I was staying on the banks of Lake Pend Oreille (Pen-o-ray; at least I'm pretty sure that's how you say it) in Northern Idaho. You may wonder why I was in Northern Idaho. I was wondering that too. We were actually going skiing there at Schweitzer Mountain which is a 30 min drive from the lake... Plus, the lake is fucking beautiful. Anyway, since Idaho is a good 3 hours behind EST, my family always woke up really early in the morning. We didn't have much else to do so we watched movies. I joined my family for some of the movies watched, but most of the time I would watch Death Note in my bedroom (we were staying in a condo). I can still remember that room. It had a huge mirror on the opposite wall of the bed which covered the closet. It kind of bothered me. Sometimes when my family wasn't watching movies, I would kick back in the SUPAR comfy arm chair which also swiveled around and watch some Death Note. It was the best. ;___; 

Last Exile
I finished Death Note fairly quickly because it's FUCKING AWESOME, but I was prepared with another anime DVD to watch. Last Exile. At the end of my spring break, we had driven up into Canada. I was so excited to get my passport stamped (I'd never been out of the country... I was like HELL YEA, GIVE ME THAT STAMP. I NEED TO SHOW OFF MY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS TO ALL MY FRIENDS). They didn't stamp it, though. It was pretty disappointing. After crossing the border, we went to a hot springs which was PACKED, then we drove back down to Spokane to spend the night near the airport, and catch a flight back in the morning. On our way back, we stopped at this dam. Or maybe it was on the way to Canada. I don't remember exactly, but it was on that route. I was on the very last few episodes of Last Exile, just about to finish it when my family decided we were going to go sightseeing at this dam. So then we made our way down this abandoned road and to this abandoned lookout point. JUST as my family was getting out of the car to look at this dam, I finished Last Exile. I'm not even kidding. JUST as we arrived, I finished the series. I thought that was pretty cool. I'm not even all too sure if the dam in the pic is the dam we visited, but I figure all dams pretty much look the same anyway, so whatever. 

D. Gray Man
My house has an alarm system that will freak out (I'm talking super loud, crazy beeping) if you step downstairs. Downstairs is where the food is, so midnight snacks are impossible unless you a) turn off the alarm which may seem like the most logical of answers, but turning off the alarm itself is SO DAMN LOUD or b) take said food or whatever you need from downstairs upstairs before you go to bed. Usually, if I'm hungry, I just rough it out until the morning unless I have something else upstairs. I usually don't. Instead, I'm an avid gum-chewer. I especially like the minty gums because they last longer. Sugary gum is shit. Anyway, two summers ago when I was watching D. Gray Man, my dad made me take my computer downstairs as it was heating up too much in my room. I usually stayed up until 1 or 2 in the morning each night. As the evening began, I would usually play Sims 3 (my obsession at the time) from roughly 7-10 PM. If it was a Friday, I would watch Ghost Adventures in the family room (WHICH IS WAY BETTER THAN GHOST HUNTERS IN EVERY WAY AND YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WATCH IT B/C THIS SHIT IS LEGIT). After all of that, I would watch a ton of DGM. As I was watching DGM, I would go grab some tasty Poppy Seed bread and nibble at it. I have an uncanny obsession with poppyseed bread. Those slices are heavenly~

Every anime I've ever watched has a sort of memory attached to it, but none of those memories are really all that interesting except to myself...

Are there any anime watching memories that you have of which you always associate with a certain show? 

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