Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Update

Hey, everyone.

I'm sorry that there's been large gaps between my posts recently; I've become a bit inconsistent, but not without good reason. I just started high school three days ago, and until I can get used to the workload and find out how to ration my time wisely, the posts may become few and far apart.

I've thought about giving up. Lately, I've been feeling a bit lethargic about my blog and anime in general. I've just... well... kind of lost interest for a while. Sometimes, I feel as if I have to force myself to watch anime, and I don't really find the level of entertainment that I used to... But I don't want to give up. I love this blog, and I don't want to neglect it. I love all the people that I've met through here, and I don't want to disappoint them.

Just give me a few weeks to get used to high school, and throughout that time, you probably won't see that many posts from me. It's not a hiatus, because I'll try to put out posts, but my blogging will definitely slow down a bit. I'll find a more consistent schedule that agrees with my workload after that.

In the meantime, please stick around.

I have no idea what that reads in Japanese. Anybody know?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Let's play Anime Pictionary! *Round 10*

Congrats to flomu for winning last round!
The answers to last round were:
1. Shanks (One Piece)
2. Meganepachi (Gintama)
3. Grimmjow (Bleach)

And now for this round's pictures:

Picture 1:
Picture 2:

Picture 3:
I think this one will be harder to guess. Not because he's not a well known character; he is, but because I'm terrible at drawing.
Oh, remember how I said I would time myself? I stopped doing that, like, 4 rounds ago. Otherwise, how would I be able to color in everyone's clothing without using the pain bucket? (I hate paint bucket)

This is kind of random and beside the point, but what if I took an anime opening and redid the whole thing in MS paint, like Gintama OP 8. Let me know if you think I should try it. :)

Good luck!

And let me know what dessert you want if you win.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Anime Firsts

Thanks to Yumeka for providing this idea. You can find her original post hereMarina also wrote a post on it here.

Over the three years that I've been interested in anime, I've tried a lot of different stuff out. I've experimented with different genres and found what was most appealing to me. It's been a fun three years filled with anime club meetings, weekend marathons, and convention craziness. And in those three years that I've been exploring the anime medium, I've had quite a lot of "firsts." As cheesy as it sounds, these firsts will always hold a special place in my heart (except for Boku no Pico; I need to get that shit out of my head), and they very well may have shaped my preferences in anime and how I look at anime today.

First anime watched without knowing it was anime:
Spirited Away or Castle in the Sky
When I was five or six years old, my grandfather gave me this huge box full of Christmas presents. I distinctly remember being really excited about it; relatives usually gave you rectangular boxes with boring clothes in it. No, this box was huge, and it looked exciting. Upon opening it, my five year old mind was astounded to find a small white TV and placed among it, VCRs. The little white TV had a VCR deck built in, and for the next four years, I watched VCRs as I went to sleep. Oftentimes, I would be much too lazy to change the VCR every night, so I ended up watching the same video over and over again for a month or so. Among those watched were: Parent Trap, a recording of the Rose Parade, a movie tour of the Newport mansions, and of course, Castle in the Sky. Every night, I would rewind the movie to the beginning and see how far I could make it into the movie before falling asleep. I knew the movies so well that I could pinpoint the exact moment where I had dozed off. Since then, I've gotten cable for the TV and don't watch VCRs all too often, but I refuse to let go of that little white television. Simply because my grandfather, who used to be such a huge part of my five year old life, died the following year. The reason I also say Spirited Away is because I can't remember if I rented it from the long since closed video store before watching Castle in the Sky. I didn't know that they were anime.

First anime w/ subs: Bleach
As said in my history with anime post, my first ever anime watched in subs while knowing it was anime, was Bleach. I became hopelessly obsessed with the series and was really into for about six months before I noticed that there are other anime out there, and Bleach really isn't as fabulous as I once thought it was. After I watched other series, Bleach was knocked a few pegs down on the pedestal that I had carefully set it upon. Bleach wasn't the perfect series that I had thought it was, though it still holds a special place in my heart. It was the start of my passion.

First Japanese video game: Kingdom Hearts
I already wrote quite a lot about my experience with this game back in this post, but I'll regurgitate some of it for a new reader's pleasure. I got into Kingdom Hearts long before I started watching anime. My friend introduced it to me, and it quickly became an obsession during my sixth grade year. Every day, after I came home from school, I played Kingdom Hearts. However, I'm not much of a gamer and whenever I play a game, I tend to get into it for a while and then suddenly drop it. It's not that I don't like it or I don't plan on going back and finishing it; I just forget about it and don't feel motivated to actually sit down and put time into finishing it. This has happened with Kingdom Hearts (lost interest right at the end lol), Pokemon Black & White (lost interest after gym 4), and Persona 3 (lost interest at the beginning before doing anything of actual importance). And even though I know that I'll inevitably lose interest in a game, I still buy games. I never learn.

First shipping: Orihime x Ichigo - Bleach
I've supported this couple ever since episode 140-something when Orihime almost kisses Ichigo. That was the turning point for me. Never once did I give any thought to Rukia x Ichigo, simply because (Oh God, people are going to hate me for this) I really don't like Rukia. Orihime heals people, and while I admit that she can be annoying at times, she still has a power that is extremely handy. Rukia, on the other hand, is really quite weak. She hasn't grown as a character since the beginning (of course, I could be wrong; I'm about 40 episodes behind and haven't read the manga). She holds, like, fifth chair in her squad, and none of her powers compare to Ichigo's and yet she still insists on fighting alongside him and getting her ass kicked practically every time. Now, I wouldn't mind if she got her ass kicked and treated Ichigo with deference, but she kind of bullies him. I know some may see her in a different light, but I find her to be annoying. I do really like Ichigo and Orihime together, though, and I hope Kubo actually develops the couple a bit more (which he probably won't because he's fucking Kubo).

First DVD: Azumanga Daioh
Before going on a road trip to Nashville, I walked into Best Buy with the intent of buying an anime to entertain myself on the long journey there. I walked through the limited anime selection and debated upon whether I should buy Ergo Proxy or Azumanga Daioh. The latter won out in the end, only because I had seen a few episodes at my friend's house, and I thought it was hilarious. I did end up really liking the series. I loved watching the girls go through high school with all their individual quirks. 

First Figurine: Small Luffy from Strong World
Kind of looks like this; is it "figure" or "figurine?"
I bought this little itty bitty Luffy figurine at my first convention for $8. He now sits upon my alarm clock and is knocked off it every morning by a tired Nadja, who can't process the fact that it's an alarm trying to wake her up, not a loud mosquito that needs killing.

I really do love Luffy. He's one of my favorite characters ever. You'll find quite a lot of One Piece posters hanging from my walls. 

First Poster: Bleach
similar to the one I have
When I was in Hawaii two summers ago, I bought a Bleach posterzine at a Borders. Once home, I excitedly pinned them all up on my walls. Although my passion for Bleach has faded since then, I still keep a few of my favorites up. The ones I still have on my walls are the one with all the captains on it and Ichigo in his bankai form.

First Manga: Vampire Knight
I didn't really know that many manga when I started watching anime. The only one I picked up was Vampire Knight. In my mind, I had a simple equation that almost always ended in awesomeness: Vampires x Romance x SEXY vampires x Action x Sex x School = WIN. It was majorly disappointing for me, though. It had the sexy vampires, the school, and the romance, but the main girl was weak as hell, and the action sucked. Barely anything happened ever. I especially hated how Yuki would swing around her Artemis stick and talk about how you shouldn't mess with her, and then she'd end up getting her ass kicked. Also, her hair pissed me off. I don't know why. Oh, and the incest. I did not want to see that. >.>

First Convention: Colossalcon 2010
I went with some of my really good friends, and we had a blast. Although I had a great amount of money stolen and we couldn't find our room, it was really, really fun. It's a treasure trove of do-you-remember-whens. 

First Japanese Learning: Japanese Coach for DS
I took an interest in the Japanese language very early on in my anime years. On my plane ride to Hawaii, I used this game a lot, thinking that I could pick up most of the language during the summer. HA. HA. HA. Pick up an entire language in only two and a half months? Wow. Anyway, although this isn't exactly the best way of learning the language (especially all the grammar bits), but it's great for games and memorizing. 

First Anime Blog Read: Eyesedso (?)
I'm not actually sure if his blog was the first I ever read. I started reading a lot at the same time, but I'm sure that his blog was the first I really got into, and that lead to discovering several other blogs. So, uhhh... thanks, Glo.     

First Yaoi: Boku no Pico
Well, I was on /a/ and you hear quite a lot about this infamous anime and decided to give it a go. It was disturbing, to say the least. Probably not the best entrance to the yaoi genre... But I did end up watching Junjou Romantica a few weeks later, and I enjoyed that show quite a lot. 

I feel like I'm incriminating myself by saying I watched it. xD

What do you think of my anime firsts? What are yours? :)


Monday, August 15, 2011

How many anime do you watch at a time?

Recently, I've picked up the nasty habit of starting an anime and leaving it hanging whenever I'm interested in another series. For example, when I got to episode six of Beck, I had the sudden urge to catch up on Katekyo Hitman Reborn. From that point on, I marathoned Reborn and put Beck on the back burner.

And since then, I've put several series on hold. According to MAL, I'm currently watching 21 series. That's not totally true, though.
Green = Watched in the past week
Yellow = Watched in the past month
Red = Watched more than a month ago

The only ones that I truly consider myself watching at the moment are: Beck, Detroit Metal City, Gintama, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, One Piece, Rec, and Redline.

Some of them I haven't even watched for more than six months. Those being: Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (haven't watched in a year and a half), and DtB Gaiden.

This made me wonder what should be considered "currently watching." Is it something that you watch weekly, or something that you catch up on from time to time? Does it have a time limit? Is something you are "currently watching" a show that you've watched in the past week? Past month? Past year?

Or if it's a series that's already finished airing, how do you balance that series with all the others that you're watching? Do you watch a few episodes here and there?

Personally, I've always been a marathon-er. I wait until a series is done and then watch all the episodes in one go. Lately, though, I've been watching a lot of shorter series, and I feel that it is easy and fun to hop from one series to the next. Some series just aren't marathon material, especially those that are episodic or slower to develop. It's nice to watch those series in little 2 episode bits. It can sometimes make all the difference in how much you enjoy the series.

Anyway, how many anime do you usually watch at a time? Currently airing or already finished? How do you find a balance between all the shows? Do you have a limit on how many shows you can watch?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Harry Potter & Gettysburg & ghosts, oh my!

A little over a week ago after seeing the final Harry Potter movie, I decided that I would devote all of my free time, which is basically all day and night, to reading Harry Potter. I grew up watching the movies (I was four when the first movie came out) and never felt the need to actually read the books until now. I borrowed all of the books I didn't have from my friend (for some reason, I only had books four and five). Since I was devoting all of my free time to the Harry Potter series, I turned a blind eye towards my blog and my anime-watching. It took me about a week to finish the entire series, averaging at a book a day. After that, I went on a trip to Gettysburg for four days and didn't have any access to internet. So I'm sorry for my abrupt disappearance from this blog, and I promise that the neglect stops now.

I just had to read Harry Potter, and my head was so filled with wizards and the like that I didn't feel any motivation to put fingers to keys and update my blog.

Now that I've returned from my trip to Gettysburg, and I've finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, I'd like to give some thoughts on the series as a whole...

J.K. Rowling has a way of writing that draws you in, latches onto you, and doesn't let go. Her novels were rich in detail and captivating until the end. It was difficult to pull my eyes from the pages and pay attention to other things.

Mostly, I just love all the details and descriptions put into Harry Potter. Everything is so well thought out that it feels real.

I do feel as if some things were better portrayed in the movies, though. One of my favorite things about Harry Potter was Quidditch, the unique magical sport played on broomsticks. This was definitely more exciting to watch on the big screen than reading in the books. Every game was dragged out to its full potential in the movies, whereas in the books, the games were sort of hard to picture. It's kind of a given, though... I mean, would you rather watch a basketball game or read all the details in print? However, the movies never fully explained the rules of Quidditch, and I found myself saying, "Ohhhh, so that's what they've been doing this whole time," when I read the actual rules of Quidditch in the first book.

I do find that, for the most part, I love the books and movies almost equally. All of the details were brought to life in the movies, and you couldn't help but fall in love with the actors as you watch them grow up on screen.

There were some things in the books that I wish J.K. had put more detail into, though. The first book could've used a little more detail, especially near the end. It was almost like she was saying, "First they did this, and then they did that, and now the book is over."

And the war at the very end was kind of confusing and rushed. I wish some of the characters who died had a proper death scene. Their deaths were so sudden that I couldn't fully appreciate all that they had done as characters. It was like, "Oh, look that character is dead. We're not going to show how they died, though.Sorry." There was just a huge rush of information and events happening that it was very easy to lose track of what was going on. I really wish she had dragged out the whole battle and given it a bit more description.

Anyway, enough of my Harry Potter ramblings!

My trip to Gettysburg was fantastic. I'm a huge history buff, so it was really fun reading about the battle and trying to picture all that had happened. As you walk around the battlefield, the air is thick with history, and you can almost feel the great deal of suffering that occurred there.

But definitely the best thing was going up on Little Round Top at 8:00 for the sunset and eating dinner on the huge boulders up at the top. Then, after the final bits of sunlight sunk into the horizon and the stars came out, the entire battlefield plunges into a thick darkness, which even in a car, scared the shit out of me. On the second day we were there, we went to Devil's Den, said to be the most haunted location on the battlefield, and tried to take pictures. However, our new camera wouldn't work. It had full battery, and it would take pictures, but the pictures wouldn't show up on the digital screen. When we left Devil's Den, the camera worked perfectly fine. Later that night, when we met up with a medium, she told us that there were confederate spirits there that weren't fond of photographers and a few people have even gotten their cameras knocked from their hands. Many contribute this to the fact that many dead bodies were moved by photographers after the battle to create a more dramatic image.
Little Round Top
famous picture of "confederate sharpshooter" in Devil's Den; the body was actually found about 40 yds behind it, but the photographers moved the body for a more dramatic effect... The rocks are all exactly the same (except for the small ones stacked)
Across from Devil's Den, there's a small rocky area with a creek running through it. This is the "Slaughter Pen." At about 9:30 (the park closes at 10 PM), we headed out onto a small bridge in that area and took a few pictures. The other end of the tiny bridge was a wall of darkness that gave way to a tall forest about 40 yards away. And above that was a moon that was almost full and glowed with an eerie radiance. There was barely anyone out there except for us, and all you could hear was the music of crickets. I took a few pictures and didn't get anything much, but on the third or so picture, I got a huge red orb with a distinct face etched into it. We were out of there in moments.
Bridge over Plum Run, otherwise known as "Bloody Run" In the background is Little Round Top. There was more underbrush around the stream when we were there.
 After that, we had planned on going into the wheat field for some more pictures.This was where thousands of soldiers were killed or wounded and the blood was said to be ankle deep in some places. We got lost on our way there and ended up going down several one way streets, but we finally got there, fifteen minutes before the park was set to close. There was literally no one out there and the warm summer air seemed unnaturally still. My mom kept asking if I wanted to head out into the middle of the field to the monument there, but I refused. It was pitch black and I was already thoroughly spooked.
The wheatfield
 At midnight, we went out on a ghost hunt with professionals. Before we went inside the Hoffman Mansion, an abandoned B&B, I thought to myself, "Oh, I can totally do this. No problem."

Then I heard the history of the place.

Apparently, it was a Union field hospital during the civil war, and it had the famous window where limbs were thrown out into the yard, creating a huge pile of bloody legs and arms. Not only that, but nine confederate soldiers were held prisoner in the cellar. Two men died there. Fast forward another sixty years or so, and a woman during World War II hanged herself up in the attic for reasons unknown. By this point, I was thinking, "Oh, well okay. I can do this...."
The Hoffman mansion; it's a lot larger than it looks

Then I heard the unexplainable events that have happened there, and I started freaking out. People have seen full apparitions, unexplained shadows, and some eight women (on different nights) have seen a full corpse. All eight of these women ran screaming and crying from the building and refused to enter again. The "investigator" who was telling us about this seemed skeptical, though, because none of them had gotten a picture of what they had seen. The ghosts there seemed to not like women because they would get their hair pulled, pushed and the like. The emotion there is so heavy that some people have been said to suddenly burst into tears and have no idea why they're crying. Some have even rushed out of the building and thrown up. There was also a service stairway in the back of the home, which was very narrow and that I refused to ascend, and someone on a past tour had gotten a video of a strange limbless apparition moving up the stairs with what appeared to be a mouth hanging open.

I didn't experience anything extraordinary there for myself other than the terrible feeling that churned in my stomach, which only went away once I had exited the house. We were also using dowsing rods, and upon asking the spirits whether they wanted us to leave, the rods crossed immediately, signalling a yes. I also got several orbs in the attic, and another woman got a very freaky picture of a face. It looked almost like a skull; the teeth were etched into it clearly. There was a second face in the corner of the photo which was distorted and looked like it had bursted into flames.

The worst was hearing that the B&B had been abandoned for having a bad reputation for supposedly having demonic spirits. Although TAPS disproved this, the fact that people thought the spirits were demonic was worse enough.

After the ghost hunt was finished around 2 AM, we had to travel down a road that cut straight through the battlefield to get back to the hotel, and we rolled the windows down to fully enjoy the sound of the crickets and whatnot. My mom swore she heard moaning and shouting, but I heard nothing of the sort.

I know this doesn't sound freaky in the least, and I would think the same thing while reading this if I had not been there, but my God. It was really freaky out there. Just thinking about it is making me shiver. Also, I may have experienced a bit more in the B&B if I had actually walked around with a bit more confidence, but I was deathly afraid of heading up the old stairs into the dark second floor. I did end up going up there, though, and it was really fucking creepy. There are several hallways up there that twist around into a sort of labyrinth. Apparently, the corpse was seen in this bathroom, which I didn't see because it's kind of tucked away into another room, but I heard it's large and spacious with floor to ceiling mirrors. Just imagine how freaky it
would be to see a corpse in full details staring up at you, reflecting in all those mirrors. I was glad to leave. >.>

Anyway, I'm back and I'll definitely be getting some posts up in the future.:)

Some more Harry Potter pics I found:

Friday, July 29, 2011

Let's play Anime Pictionary! *Round 9*

Last round's answers:
1. Toriko (Toriko)
2. Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)
3. Yin (Darker Than Black)

Baka Raptor won last round. He asked for a frogurt with sprinkles and potassium benzoate. I hope he finds it to be enjoyable, especially the potassium bits. ;)

Here's round nine! Good luck!

Picture 1:
The checkered thing is supposed to be his bare chest. I think he's the only character I actually gave eyes instead of dots.
Picture 2:
I was feeling uncreative.
Picture 3:
Again, the checkered thing is supposed to be abs. >.>

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bartender Anime Review

Episodes: 11
Aired: Oct 15, 2006 - Dec 31, 2006
Current MAL Score: 7.68
Current MAL Rank: 837

Short synopsis: Sasakura Ryuu is an incredibly talented bartender known for making the "Glass of the Gods." He works at a small, nondescript bar called Eden Hall. It is there that people seek this genius bartender out and find their own "Glass of the Gods" to soothe their unique problems.

Being a show about a bartender, this show obviously has a lot of alcohol references that flew past me. As such, a lot of the drinking novelty will be lost on those under 21. It's likely that if you are over 21, you will enjoy this much more than a teenage anime blogger with nothing better to do than watch an anime about drinking although the only alcohol she's ever tasted is wine and champagne. And although I may not have been able to enjoy it as much as someone over the alcohol-guzzling age of 21, I didn't feel too overwhelmed, and I did learn quite a lot about alcohol (though the legitimacy of some of the facts is questionable). 

Actually, the most entertaining thing about Bartender was the huge variety of stories customers told Ryuu. Almost every episode had a different customer with problems unique to their situation. It was Ryuu's job to provide his customer with a drink that would soothe their problems and make a solution clear. The stories were always intriguing and easily kept my interest. It was nice to see someone walk out of the bar with clarity in their life and an answer to their predicament. It was also nice to see realistic problems- the characters were fairly easy to relate to.

I really only had a few problems with the show, but they didn't really sap from my overall enjoyment or the satisfaction felt once I finished the series. It was nice to see past characters after their story had been told. but I didn't like how they were used as narrators. It was really confusing - especially at the beginning- to see characters from episodes ago relay plot points.

Also, the episodes about the "mistake of Sasakura Ryuu" were kind of confusing; mostly because his mistake, so stressed upon by the passing narrators, wasn't really explained in full, and the two episodes spent on his "mistake" kind of warped Ryuu's character. Those episodes made him look childish and immature. Well, actually, his words and actions were nothing but gracious and polite, but the older bartenders chastised him for a mistake he didn't know he made- and the audience didn't either. I couldn't tell how long ago those episodes were because Ryuu looked exactly the same, so it was a little difficult seeing how much time it took for Ryuu to be the bartender he is now. In all, those two episodes were probably the worst of the show, though they weren't totally bad. I just found myself annoyed by the somewhat arrogant customers and older bartenders.

Those are the only complaints I have, though. Bartender proved to be a wonderful series full of fascinating vignettes about passing customers and the drinks used to placate their problems. The dark Eden Hall bar, hidden in the alleyways of Tokyo, held a very sophisticated and refined aura while still managing to be homely and welcoming. A very enjoyable experience- I recommend it to anyone who likes episodical anime and/or holds an interest in bartending or cocktails.
Plot: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Ending: 6/10
Art: 6/10
Characters: 9/10
Personal Enjoyment: 9/10
Total: 46/60
Mean: 7.666... (rounded to 8 on MAL)

Other stuff
  • The live action ending theme was pretty cool. The fish swimming through the air, a real bartender making the drink mentioned in the episode, and - who I presume to be the actual  artist- singing the ending theme in the background made the it very memorable. 
  •  Why are 11 episode anime so good??
  • The reason the ending only got 6 (which is a "fine" on the MAL rating scale) was because the ending didn't really tie anything together. The old-man narrator just gives a speech on what it is to be successful bartender and the series ends. Nothing really fantastic. It's just fine. 
  • In other news, I got a B on this song. It was difficult, but very fun. :3 Just watching that video makes me want to play it again.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I marathoned Endless Eight.

Last night when I pretended I had nothing to do, I marathoned Endless Eight. It has become kind of infamous among anime fans, but for those who don't know, Endless Eight is eight consecutive episodes in the second season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya where the characters are caught in an infinite time loop recounting their two week summer vacation. Yes, you've guessed it, there's eight full episodes where the same events are repeated over and over again.

Over and over and over eight times.

Eight times. 

Anyway, I had heard of this from several disappointed Haruhi fans, and I'd seen many people boast about marathoning the entire thing, turning it into some sort of challenge. Considering I have too much free time, I figured I could take this challenge, and last night seemed like the perfect time.

Before I watched it, I was kind of excited. I was thinking 'Oh, man. I can totally do this. I'm going to watch all of them and see what all the fuss is about.' I was also a bit afraid; I didn't know what levels of boredom would be reached.

And well, after surviving the eight episodes of non-stop summertime activities, I can say that it really wasn't all too bad. I can see where KyoAni was going with it and why they chose 8 episodes (when turned 8 = infinity herp). On paper, the whole idea is actually pretty good, but it just wasn't executed correctly. Each episode was almost exactly the same- the same activities and lines- but to make this "Endless Eight" really work, they should've taken a Tatami Galaxy approach. In Tatami Galaxy, each episode has the same main cast of characters, but each episode shows a different way that "Watashi" could've lived through his college years. If, in E8, they had a bit more variation between each episode, it could've been more successful.

But they didn't, and most Haruhi fans flinch when they hear of the eight monotonous episodes airing during summer of '09. From what I've seen on /a/, it was an eight weeks filled with rage and massive trolling on KyoAni's part.

Click for an enlarged rage-filled /a/
As for my personal thoughts?
I thought that the first 4 or 5 episodes were bearable; not all of the lines were the same and there was a little bit of variation, but from then on everything was mostly recycled. Every single goddamn line was used over and over. I believe these are the sole reasons I was able to make it through the eight episode marathon:
  • Tomokazu Sugita's voice. Endless hnnnnnnng-
  • My computer taking way too long to buffer and during that time, I may or may not have reread the last chapter of Breaking Dawn. -.- 
  • About half way through, I barely even registered what was going on. I simply read the subtitles, barely comprehending them, and watched the images flick by on my screen. I wasn't really bored until about episode 6. Before that, I was almost numb, not really giving a fuck about anything going on. It wasn't entertaining, but it wasn't boring either; I was lost in the middle ground.
In the end, I really think it only needed about four episodes- eight was dragging it out waaay too far. As I have said before, they could've handled it a lot differently. They didn't, though, so the The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 2 will forever be remembered for its troll-tastic endless eight episodes.

 Have you seen the endless eight? If so, what did you think of them?
I believe everyone who watched E8 deserves one. If you marathon it and post your reaction to your own blog, I will personally create one of these for you as well as link your post here.
Medal source: source
I survived Endless Eight: source

Monday, July 25, 2011

Banners for Anime Princess

Lostty over at Anime Princess has created a never-ending banner project, and I offered to create a few banners for her, and so here they are! Assuming that you're reading this lostty, if you need me to put this on photobucket or e-mail it to you or something, please let me know.
Haine from Dogs

OC I found on pixiv

Stocking from Panty & Stocking

Yin from Darker than Black
Oh, and I didn't create any of the pictures or fonts in any of the banners. I just found pictures and fonts and threw them together to create a banner. I would provide a link for the artist, but I saved most of these pictures long ago and have no idea what the source is, though if by chance, you are the artist and you stumbled onto my blog, please let me know.

My History with Anime

I heard about Nopy's project a while back and I wanted to participate, but my perpetual laziness won out in the end, and it is only now that I've decided to actually write about my super interesting past with anime.

And so here it is.
awesome Kingdom Hearts wallpaper
In sixth grade, I became really good friends with a Korean girl who had been watching anime her whole life. She somehow convinced me to unearth my brother's old Play Station 2 and Kingdom Hearts - both abandoned years ago by my older brother who traded his clunky, old PS2 for a new, shiny xBox 360. The PS2 sat quietly under the TV, collecting dust in a dark forgotten corner until my friend got me to uncover it; she thought that I would really enjoy it. 

And so I tried it out and quickly became addicted. Almost every day for the first three months of sixth grade, I came home from school and played KH (I never did finish it, though haha). It's weird because waaaay before I got into it, I remember my older brother buying it when it first came out and playing it when he was in sixth grade as well. I remember going off to Girl Scout camp (YES, I WAS AND STILL AM A GIRL SCOUT) and begging him to beat Ansem when I got back because I wanted to watch him. But he beat it anyway. Little bastard.
fucking Traverse Town
 Excuse me while I become extremely nostalgic. I remember walking around Traverse Town for, like, eight or nine hours at the beginning of the game because my Korean friend (I'll refer to her as "Yuni" from now on... I'm still good friends with her btw) told me that I had to meet Leon in the "sewers". Now, if you have played Kingdom Hearts, you know that you don't meet up with Leon in the "sewers" until after you go to Alice and Wonderland. And so here I am, frantically running around Traverse Town, looking for Leon everywhere and thinking that I can't leave until I do. I spent so much time there that I literally know Traverse Town from top to bottom. I collected almost all the postcards and stacked huge crates on top of each other to reach secret nooks and crannies. I could probably tour the town in my sleep. Oh, and that stupid Moogle didn't help either. He kept giving me these stupid riddles that made no sense at all. AND DAT TRAVERSE TOWN MUSIC. OH GOD.

Anyway, I got really into it, and at the start of winter break of that year, she had me over for her older sister's birthday party. While her sister and friends played Apples to Apples downstairs, Yuni introduced Bleach to me. Yuni doesn't really like showing her interest in anime to any of her friends, but I think she figured that since I liked Kingdom Hearts, I may also enjoy Bleach as well.
Bleach Vol. 12: The Escape (episodes 46-49)
She was obsessed with Toshiro Hitsugaya at the time and bought one of the DVDs with him on the cover. It was episodes 46-49 (the actual DVD is here). She showed me those episodes, swooning over Hitsugaya and filling me in on everyone's back stories along the way. She spoiled a lot for me, but I didn't really mind. I couldn't tell if she didn't think I would really get into it and that's why she spoiled me, or if she was just really enthusiastic about it and wanted to tell someone about her new obsession.While watching those episodes, I decided that I would start from the beginning and work my way up. (one of the first comments I made was of the sakura falling. I asked Yuni if it was snow, and she told me they were sakura petals :3)

The next day, during a rather long and monotonous christmas party, I crept off to the computer room and watched Bleach on my archaic computer (this was before I had my laptop). I also remember eating a lot of cookies that night.

Anyway, for the second half of my sixth grade year, I watched Bleach on and off. I was very sporadic about it. Sometimes I wouldn't watch any for weeks, and then suddenly I would decide to throw in a grand marathon.

I soon became hopelessly in love with the show. I was one of the new anime fans who thought that the first anime they've watched is the best only because they haven't seen any else. I'm absolutely sure that I annoyed the hell out of Yuni with my endless Bleach bantering.
The many faces of Kurosaki Ichigo

It's weird being a new anime fan and not knowing what to watch next. After I caught up to Bleach in May, I couldn't find anything to watch (very different from now- when I have too much that I need to watch). Some of the anime that I found after that in roughly chronological order were: Onegai Teacher, Toradora! (while it was airing), Karin,  D. Gray Man, Blood+, Trinity Blood, Nana, Azumanga Daioh, and Ouran.

I forgot to mention that when I was a child, I also watched Spirited Away and Castle in the Sky on VHS (VHS!), but I didn't know it was anime, so I figured it didn't really count. I also remember watching Sailor Moon, but I only really watched about ten episodes.

I always thought these things were stupid but kluxorious totally deserves one.

Oh, and internet high five to kluxorious, whose first anime was also Bleach, and for some reason can't comment on my blog (that wasn't sarcasm; she literally can't comment... Like something's wrong with Intense Debate or something).

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Leavin' On a Jet Plane (One Week Hiatus)

This is going to be short and sweet. (It has to be since I still need to pack :P)

I'm heading out with the family tomorrow on a trip to Seattle, Washington. We're actually staying in Blaine, which is as far north as you can possibly get without piercing Canada. Since I had just read the Twilight novels, I kind of wanted to go to Forks just to say I had been there and gloat about it to everyone, but it's a good four hour drive that isn't particularly met with enthusiasm on my parent's part. Eh, whatever. Town doesn't look all too interesting anyway. It's just really cool to see the cities or townships where a book was placed, assuming that place is real of course. I wonder if Stephanie Meyer actually went to Forks. Probably... Didn't I say I was going to make this short and sweet?

Anyway, I'll be in Seattle until the 23rd (?), so I'll have posts up sometime after that.

I was going to put pictures in here, but the computer I'm using doesn't have any anime related stuff on it (THANKS, MAC WHO WON'T PUBLISH POSTS).

But I did find this one thing, so in lieu of the Harry Potter movies and the midnight showing that I will not be attending (;____;), please enjoy this picture in my stead:
I'll be back soon! :)

(I still need to read all the Harry Potter books...)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Way to Find Anime

I was on My Anime List recently, looking at my "plan to watch" list and contemplating what anime to watch next when I realized something. All of the anime on the list is numbered. This means that I could pick a number randomly from my mind and find an anime to watch. However, since the anime is listed in alphabetical order and the human mind isn't totally random to begin with, it would be easy to cheat or pick the same number several times. I didn't want to leave the random choice to my unreliable human mind. I needed to find something that would randomly generate numbers. Where could I find something like that?

I just searched "random number generator" on google, and the first link fulfilled my expectations quite nicely. I know that I could've easily used a calculator as well, but I'm too lazy to go dig mine up from school and this was much easier anyway.

From here, you just put the corresponding numbers into the boxes. For example, I have 476 anime on my "plan to watch" list, so in the "Min." box, I'd put 1, and in the "Max." box, I'd put 476. The random number generator will then find a number between those two.

After inputting my minimum and maximum, I got the number 322. When I go back to my "plan to watch" list, I've found that Peach Girl is 322. I've found an anime to watch! Yay! Usually, though, I like to find a few more as back-ups in case I don't want to watch Peach Girl for some reason. I could be looking for a series that is shorter, longer, or a different genre.

366. Sengoku Basara 
418. Tegami Bachi
314. Otome Youkai Zakuro
301. Nyanpire the Animation

Then, I'd just choose from one of the anime above and hope to find entertainment. :)

I recommend this method of finding anime to anyone who wants to cut down their "plan to watch" list and/or is indecisive about what to watch.

This is how I ended up watching The Epic of ZektBach. I had planned on writing a review on it, but I've been much too lazy. It was just a whole bunch of terrible, anyway.

Other crap

  • I finished Breaking Dawn... I'm kinda going to miss reading about Edward and Bella. It was such a good love story... The ending was a bit too happy, but whatever. I'm a happy person. I had no idea that all the towns she talked about in the book were actually real; Forks and La Push even have websites! 
  • If you have any book/anime recommendations that has a romance story similar to the one found in the Twilight series (doesn't have to be about vampires; just good romance), please let me know. 
  • Should get my computer back soon! Woooooo!
  • I don't know why, but this post was completely deleted on my other computer. I had to retype the whole post over again. ;____; Sorry for the inconvenience. I bet you were wondering why I had a blank post floating around. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

My computer has been healed by my father, though he won't let me use it. Something about me being irresponsible and stuff. I think I have a better understanding of how we got the virus, and I'll try my best from now on to avoid those situations.

It's probably because the anime sites I use have pop-ups that jump out at you randomly, though I have specific settings on my firefox not to let such things happen. The only way to truly avoid such pop-ups I guess would be to watch anime on Crunchy Roll.

Ew. crunchy roll. It doesn't even deserve to be capitalized.

Anyway, I've been getting more in tune with my other hobbies that usually take the backseat to my anime watching passion. One of those hobbies that used to suck up every moment of my day before I found anime was reading. Seriously. I spent almost every waking minute of my existence with a book in hand. Even when running errands or getting toted along with my parents, I'd bring a book along with me in the car, intently devouring each story I came across. I had the highest number of minutes read in my entire fifth grade class. (Remember when you had to keep track of your reading? Most schools do that) Books spilled out of my overstuffed bookshelf, towers of novels were and still are precariously stacked among the anime DVDs in my room.

Eventually that love of reading gave way to a passion for story-telling. Sometimes I'd be so intent on a story I was creating in my mind that I would shush my parents whenever they tried to interrupt my thoughts, telling them exasperatedly, "I'm making a story!!"  I would talk to myself a lot, too. I vividly remember sitting in front of the old, yellowed refrigerator we used to have. Sitting on the cold kitchen tiles, scooting out of the way whenever my parents needed to grab something from inside, I would play with the magnets, sliding the colorful pieces over the magnetic surface, animatedly talking to myself. I did a lot of other crazy stuff, too. I never did have a legit imaginary friend, though I pretended I did.

I'm totally get off topic. Enough about my over-imaginative childhood.

The point is I used to read a lot, and after I became obsessed with anime, I found a lot less time to read. But since my computer broke, I've gone back to my reading habit, finally finishing Twilight, a book I had put off a long time ago.

At first, I kept picturing Edward as Robert Pattinson. Robert is handsome - I will admit to that - but  he doesn't really show the Edward in the book correctly. Before reading the books, I had already seen through the Eclipse movie, so I already know everything that happens, and I already had a firm grasp on who all the other characters were. Edward was cool, but I was convinced that Jacob was better off for Bella. That view totally switched around after I read through the first two books.

The problem with the movies is that they spare so many important details and descriptions. In the movie, Edward is portrayed as more cold and violent, barely showing his gentle, romantic side. Plus, they fall in love way too fast. The book takes a lot more time with the romance, steadily pushing Edward and Bella closer together until BAM they're deeply in love with eachother.

Also, in the movies, Bella is just some normal Mary-Sue. She's not interesting at all. Kristen Stewart made her lines come off awkwardly and made her seem totally inept at conversing intelligently. She's a lot more sociable and interesting in the books.

I just finished New Moon about an hour ago, and I really enjoyed it. I got pretty attached to Edward in the first book, so I was also upset to see him leave, though I already knew he would reappear. xD I thought she would quickly fall in love with Jacob, and I would absolutely hate Jacob for taking Edward's place in the time he was gone. But the author, Stephanie Meyer, did a great job of bringing Jacob and Bella closer together while still keeping the line between best friends and lovers quite distinct. She didn't rush it. Jacob developed much slower than I thought he would and Stephanie Meyer made it so I actually liked him. I'm sure Bella would've gotten into a romantic relationship if Edward hadn't returned, though I was happy that he had. :)

Okay, I know you're probably thinking, "Oh no! Nadja's got sucked into the abyss of fan-girling Twilight fans. I will never see her the same."

Well, please don't misunderstand. I do not own any Twilight t-shirts or paraphernalia. I do not obsess over Robert Patinnson or Taylor Lautner. It's just that the books are extremely romantic, and I can't help but fall in love with it. Yes, sometimes the romantics are taken over the top a little bit, especially in the later books, but it's still immensely entertaining.

I really do love a good romance, though.

Oh, and Twilight isn't the perfect book by any means. Stephanie Meyer paces her story well, but her writing is nothing extravagant. And Bella isn't the best protagonist, either. She can be whiny, annoying, selfish, and compared to all the ancient vamps around her, totally immature, but I'm easily entertained and I can't help but fall in love with the romantics.

 I know it's one of those books you either love or hate; you curse the author's lack of literary prowess or you swoon over the love story. For all the objective things I hate about it, I just can't stop reading. It's my guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I am going to start Eclipse. I guarantee it'll be finished in the next 24 hours.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's play Anime Pictionary! *Round 8*

Here are the answers to last round:
1. Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
2. L (Death Note)
3. Kirino (OreImo)

The winner from last round was Marina of Anime B&B, which is an awesome blog and you should go read it right now.

She asked for a lemon chiffon pie, so I tried to recreate this mystifying delicacy, although I had no fucking clue what it was. I know it has "lemon" and it has "pie", but what the hell is "chiffon"? It sounds French. >.>
Anyway, on to this round!

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:
These may be a little more difficult to guess than in past rounds, so take your time. Like always, I try to get these up every Wednesday. "But Nadja! Today is Friday! You're two days late!" Hey. Shut up. I was planning the funeral for my computer.

Next round and answers to this one are here.